Monday, September 14, 2009

Up and running again

That was not not be connected for a bit of time...
In the meantime...I totally lost the charger to my camera battery...ordered a new one and it should arrive soon. :(
I've made some new hats but haven't been able to post them because, well, no camera...howwwwever, I bought a styrofoam head to display my hats!! It arrived today in the mail! Yippee!
We've been watching The Unit season one...getting excited for the premiere, and I just found out tonight that it's not coming back for Season 5. boo. :(
Well, that is about it for now. I will get back to more regular posts once my camera is charged and ready again!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm sitting here

At a local cafe/diner/bakery with free wi-fi and using my hubby's laptop because we had an "incident" involving lightning and thunder on Thursday and haven't had our modem working ever since.

It started to lightning and thunder right over our house, and I was smart and shut down the computer, went downstairs and crocheted while the kids were napping...and I kept thinking...Is it only storming over our house?? It was so intense and so crazy! My babe woke up so she and I layed on my bed and watched the storm from my window, when suddenly, I see this lightening bolt reach its long finger from the sky and strike the powerline across the street. A poor unfortunate bird had just settled down there and was blown to smitterines...I saw it fall in a flurry of feathers to the ground and watched a brownish, greenish, blackish smoke cloud rise to the sky.

After the storm was over, I went to check out a recipe online only to find that I had left the modem on , and it decided it didn't want to work anymore. :( We have to wait this loooooong weekend for a replacement to make it's way to our mailbox.

In the meantime, I am able to check my online "stuff" one time a day...and thus, here I sit at my favorite diner...plugged into the wall and wi-fi-ing it here.

I want all of you to check out my friend's blog. She is a wonderful up and coming photographer in the Houston area and she is going to be doing a crafty corner every week. She chose to make me her first featured crafter! :) I am so honored!! (And I'm sure if you are a crafter and interested in being featured, she would love to work you in!!)

A quick story about the boy:

We tucked little man into bed and said prayers and nite nites...shut his door and were in our room. We could hear him having a hard time in his room...kind of sounding frustrated, my hubby decided to stop at his door and listen.
Here is what he heard, "Oh I so thirsty. Mommy...I so thirsty. I need cold ice water. Oh Daddy. I so thirsty." Long pause.
"Oh Jesus, please I need cold ice water."
Needless to say, we ran downstairs and got him some.
I sat on the edge of his bed and rubbed his back. I had been for the last few months been trying to teach him that if he ever needs anything, if he is ever scared, that Jesus will always be there for him. I told him all he has to do is talk to Jesus and He hears. How PRESH that he did. And seriously, that Jesus did answer his prayers...we didn't ignore his whiny whimper..but we heard. I was so happy to know that my little man will, when he needs Him, call on Jesus.

Little lady is pretty much a talking machine. She is the cutest thing. Yesterday she told me, "I Daddy geeeuuurl." (I'm Daddy's girl) She has him wrapped around her little teeny tiny fingers!!

Lastly, be on the lookout for fun new items in the shop. I am trying to have some fun variety as we get closer to Christmas.