Monday, June 29, 2009

Shower gifts..

I've had the pleasure of joining up with a friend of mine to make some items for the "filling" inside of her adorable diaper cakes. She wanted something special for her friend at church who was having twins, a boy and a girl, and I made these for her. Secondly, our friend who had been trying to conceive for nearly five years scored two years ago with the birth of her first child, a daughter. She kept praying that she would be able to have at least one more babe, and lo and behold, on their first try, they got pregnant with a boy. I made some sweet baby boy items for the little man.
And here are a few pics of the finished cake. Lovely, Amy! :)

Nothing like

a two year old who just stops walking.
just stops. won't let you put him on his feet...crawling around the house and afraid to stand.
first you think..."knock it off and walk."
then "okay already...what is going on?"
then "should I take him to the doc?"
then " will get better on its own"
then "what time can I get him an appt?"
then "arthritis?? infection?? worse case leukemia?"
then "you want me to hold him down how?"
then "when are the test results coming back?"
then "why isn't he walking??"
then "phew" because he placed both feet firmly on the ground and began walking.

really makes you appreciate good health when you are going from doc to lab to specialist in just a few days. and all because...from what we gather from the mancub...he stuck his leg into the spaces between the bars in his crib and got it stuck.and pulled it out.hard.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer time

It's fun to find my items in a treasury every now and then...and even more fun..I've found..when the curator actually tells you. I am addicted to to find out if any of my products have made it into a treasury...but also because of the treasury clock...lllllllooooooooovvvvve it!! Takes a lot of guess work out of when a treasury will open up. This time, though, was nice enough to actually send me little note to let me know she placed my frilly fourth of July sunhat in her super cute summer time treasury. Check it out here before it expires. Click and comment too if you have an etsy account! (The more the merrier!! ;) )

Happy Friday all!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


remember when that was the acronym for "Silent But Deadly" and referred to the most foulest of odors???

I laugh because in this age of acronyms I am constantly referring to something or another in chat lingo...

I told DH (dear husband) the other day, "Wow, I am so excited about the SBD we are doing." Dh turned to me and LOL'd about that one for a minute...and I began ROFLing...

But what I really meant was the South Beach Diet!!
We started on Monday...and it is WONDERFUL!!! We had been talking about and trying to incorporate more veggies into our diets anyway...especially since having kiddos. This definately is forcing us to eat lean meats and other proteins, and lots of wonderful...oft forgotten veggies!

I was worried I would have really bad sugar cravings...because that is pretty much what I tend to crave, but they really have been kept at bay...and I was really worried about a sugar substitute because I haven't really touched one since conceiving the mancub. I found this most wonderous sweetner and loooove it! :) And, I haven't been using it like nobody's business either.

We've been eating wonderful recipes...and have been satisfied...not really feeling hungry. Today is day three and has been the easiest so far for me!

Honest to goodness...we both could see a change in our own and each other's bodies...YESTERDAY!! wowzas!!!

I hope to update on our progress as I am not taking this lightly at all. I HAVE to get to a healthier weight and instill good eating habits in my little boogers. It feels really good to eat right again.

On a side note, yes, it is a bit expensive to get started on the diet...but if you don't eat out during the first two weeks, you are just paying up front what you normally would spend throughout the week. plus...overprocessed, overrefined is cheap eats.

Monday, June 22, 2009

I love our zoo..

Seriously, like love it.

We have gone probably I don't know close to 50 times in the last nine years...or maybe even more. And, we finally bought a zoo pass. Now, our zoo going can be unlimited for a year with this pass!

Here's some pics from our latest visit.

(and on a side note about my don't think I am a photographer now, I just am claiming what is rightly mine.)

This is a tiny hawk...a pygmy from Africa. It is the smallest hawk in the world!
I've never got this shot before...I guess he was just being a show off..

Our elephants used to rock back and forth in a small dirt enclosure, now they have so much to do..
like totally get pissed at each should have heard this elephant ROAAAARRRRR.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where Does Jesus Live?

I asked little man yesterday.

We were watching Oprah of all things and she was showing a video called 99 balloons...about this sweet little baby born with Trisomy 18 and only living 99 days. Of course I have tears welled up in my eyes, and then the camera pans to Oprah who also has tears streaming down her face.

My Bubs looked at me and I said, "The baby went to be with Jesus. " He seemed very content with that answer and wasn't in the least bit concerned or disheartened. I thought I would follow up with another question...

"Where does Jesus live?"

Very matter of factly he tells me, "Oh, He lives at Gramma's house."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Is Mommy Pretty?"

asked Daddy to little man this weekend...


"Is Mommy Beautiful?"


"What is Mommy?" implores Daddy, now feeling kinda baddish that he's asking his son this as I perma-grin holding back tears (j/k about the tears...kinda)

"Mommy's happy."

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My brother in law is officially a married man! Here's to a long and happy life together!

Friday, June 12, 2009

There She Goes....

She's finally rockin' the vertical motion!! :)

I have failed

The K girls took the soon to be newest member of the K family to tea yesterday. It was quite lovely and very enjoyable. but alas. my camera sat idle on the kitchen island...sadly waiting to be snapped.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pretty in Pi....I mean Green.

We have a wedding on Saturday to attend. Well, more than attend, my two boys are in it...gonna be all the girl and I are going to do our best to dress at par with the boys.

Here is her dress:

and here are the barrettes/clippies I made to match (did I not SCORE with the ribbon almost being an exact match?!):

and here is the price we paid for the dress:

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This coming week:

dress up boy.
dress up baby.
dress up hubby.

that about sums it up. oh and a little bit of crocheting and picture taking and listing on etsy of course. and hopefully selling. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009


As in Potty Training.

My bff from college motivated me on the phone the other day.

So I started on Monday with little man. MUCH better than our first attempt maybe a month ago. That one ended at naptime after five pee spots everywhere except the potty.

It really has been pretty painless this time...I just sit him on the potty right after he wakes, right before he eats and right after he eats...his length of potty sits has been growing shorter and shorter before he makes the pee. His greatest accomplishment is dumping the pee into the big potty and flushing.

Yesterday we had a breakthrough...Everytime he has been peeing it has been because I have placed him on the potty. He told me yesterday "I has to poopoo." I said, "Pull your shorts down and sit on the potty." Of course he really didn't want to sit on the potty again, but he did. He sat there for maybe five minutes then said, "I DID IT!" and when I went to look, there was a TON of pee waiting for him to flush. I told him he did the right thing...and for the rest of the day he kept telling me, "I did the right thing."

We are still kinda low key about it, diapers for naps and nightnight..but I he's really getting that we have kinda bridged the battle of the wills yesterday with the "right thing" breakthrough.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I tryin to say somethin'

It's those pesky letter L's...and for some reason two year old little tongues just have a hard time wrapping around those particular shapes.

Daddy: What's in your pocket
Boy (looking in pocket to see what he had put there earlier that afternoon): A Dawyer
Daddy: A what?
Boy: Dawyer!
Daddy: a dollar
Mommy(slightly irritated that daddy is getting a kick out of boy's frustration): Daddy, come on,
that's what he's trying to say. Those letter L's are hard...
Daddy: What is in your pocket?
Boy(big grin): Daddy, I tryin to say somethin!
Baby girl: Ummmmmmm blllllaaaaaayyyyyy llllllllla
Translation- umbrella
She was pointing out the window right at it and said it. So cute!
(Boy is still afraid it wants to eat him.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birfday

To me. Last Tuesday...Those were my birthday week flowers I bought on Monday I believe, they were totally saggin in this pic I took Sunday. Had a sweet day with the kids and went out to eat at one of my favorite places when the hubs got home later that day.

My parents came over and my dad was the sweetest thing, he made me a birthday cake and we shared some of that before we went out to dinner! Then, they suprised me with this wonderful gift:

That's right...a sewing machine!! I am so stoked!! Okay, and a lil bit's still in the box. But soon my friends, very soon...I will be um. learning how to thread it. :) Thanks Mom and Dad!