Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did you miss me?

Well, for most of 2011 I had no internet connection...then, for the last part...well, I had slipper orders coming out of my ears! :)

Now I get to be a mommy. And a blogger...a little bit. Here are some of the crafts we've been doing around here:

Around Thanksgiving, we went on a little leaf treasure hunt...I cut out a construction paper body and the kids did the rest...they're turkeys!

Thanks to a Martha Stewart craft idea, I bought some jewelry wire, and cut a good length of it, bent the end, and the kids LOVED threading them with buttons! I didn't embellish any more than this, but a little bow would be cute too.

We went on a pine cone hunt a few days before Christmas and found a few pretty ones that we made even prettier with some glue and glitter. I used the jewelry wire again and just wrapped the heck out of the center of the cone to attach it. Then formed a loop and hung them on the tree.

Hubby and I (okay mostly I) did some holiday baking to help bring on the happy merry jingle bell feelings!

I got my secret santa gift from my treasury team mate. She made me some bookmarks with my new shop name banner. :)

And, I am wearing one of my first knit hats I made! I am hoping to have a nice supply of them in my shop when it opens up! Yippeee. 
Thanks for peeking over here at the toddlerwhisperer!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beer Can Chicken (have you tried it?)

This post is dedicated to Mr Toddlerwhisperer...who really is our Grill King. :)
To start, he uses his well-loved, well-used charcoal grill. He uses hard wood lump coal...which makes a huge difference in taste. Notice, all the coal is piled on just one side of the grill? That's important.

Next comes the part every man loves...the lighting of the coal. Lighter fluid required. Notice how the flames on the left look like a cat trying to make it's deathly escape...Grill Master likes that part too. Now we wait. Wait until those flames burn every bit of lighter fluid off the grill...and the coals begin to glow white hot.

While we wait, we prepare our birds. 

Preparation is actually quite simple. You need a small beer the 12 oz variety...we found Buds in this form, and this time we are using a local brewer's beer.  Salt, pepper garlic and oregano..



telling ghost stories by the fire...actually, this part is important. you set the chickens on the side of the grill with no are indirectly cooking them. Cover, and leave alone for 1 1/2-2 hours.

This is the end result. Delish, perfectly roasted, juicy, falling off the bone chicken. Your life will never be the same. I promise!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Did I tell you I learned to knit?

My mom was patient with me the week after Christmas and taught me how to purl (because I roughly knew how to knit) and taught me an easy way to cast on, and viola!! I can knit!! I haven't yet attempted anything with yarn overs or increases yet...but here is my show and tell!
My very first swatch.
my first scarf
my neckwarmer/cowl...when you are a crocheter cables intimidate, but knitting them is EASY!
a skinny scarf
hearts square
an owl's a little sloppy but it was fun.

Gosh it feels good to learn something new!! Have you learned something new too? Do you want to? What is it?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Am From

A friend of mine, over at posted this a few days ago. I have been neglecting leaving comments or even posting blogs, so, to try to get back into it, I am going to play along.
And you can too. I will post the link to the template after my poem.

I am from a hot pink bicycle with a cooshy pillowy seat, from Barbie Dolls and Lincoln Logs.
I am from the brown stucco home, warm, inviting, woodburning fireplace.
I am from the beautiful green grape vines lining the entry, the succulent cactus, growing in the planter my momma painted.

I am from touring the neighborhoods and looking at lights on Christmas Eve, and coming home to hear my father read the Christmas story from the Bible, and praying one for each other, from Grandmas and Grandpas and PawPaws and Grannies and Mamaws and Papaws.

I am from the "Be a person of your word"  and "Judge not".
From "Stay where I can see you"  and "Eat your vegetables".

I am from knowing about Jesus to knowing Him. Real tests to prove He knows my need.
I'm from the sultry southwest with roots in the deep south and in Europe, from hamburgers to nachos, fried chicken to lasagna.
From the being attacked by a giant black dog at a family reunion when I was two,  the sneaking rides to school with my cousin when i was supposed to be on the bus, and the little girl who sang at the Rescue mission with my dad.

I am from shelves of albums, dusty old trunks and treasured pieces of jewelry hidden in drawers. Memories, mementos and photos of old.  So grateful for their safe keeping, tying us all together, this family of mine.

Now here is the link to the template. You should go and write one too! (And let me know if you do!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smalls Scarves For Tots

Hello!! I have another pattern for you. Uber super duper easy, again, the way I like them. My two toddlers asked me for scarves the other day, so I did. I made them and they love them...and so do I.

NEW Printer Friendly Version (CLICK HERE)
You need a super bulky.  I chose Lionbrand Hometown which I picked up at the Evil Empire I mean..Walmart.
You will also need a P crochet hook. My daughter is two and my son is four. Hers is shorter(I want to say like 3 ft), and there were leftovers, so I made hers with fringe. My son is 4 and tall, so I made his longer(Like 4 ft).

Super Bulky Yarn (lionbrand hometown)
P crochet hook
tapestry needle for weaving in ends

terms (American)
ch- chain
hdc- half double crochet
BLO -back loop only

Directions for smaller (larger)

Chain 62 (82)
hdc in the 3rd ch from hook and continue with hdc across. 60 (80)

*CH 2 turn (does not count as hdc)
hdc in the BLO of the first stitch and in the BLO of each stitch across.

Repeat * 3 more times. fasten off and weave in ends.

for the fringe, I cut 16 strands about 10" each and fastened them onto the scarf, from the wrong side like this:

Copyright 2011 Jennifer Kaye
As with all my patterns, I don't care if you make stuff and sell it. Under no circumstances are you to sell this pattern. A link back would be appreciated.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Super Easy, Super Simple Griddle Stitch Dishcloth

NEW  Printer Friendly Version (CLICK HERE)
Hey Guys!
I've got a little something for you. I'm sure I'm not the inventor of this cloth, but I've got my little recipe for you.

G hook
Worsted cotton (I use my favorite, Peaches & Creme)
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
ch = chain

Ch 25
SC in Ch next to hook, dc in next, *(sc in next, dc in next) Repeat * to end of row.  You should end on a dc.
ch 1 turn
Rows 2-24* (or until square)    *(sc in next, dc in next) repeat * across. ch 1 turn
* MORE LIKE 16 or 17 rows made the square for me. :)
sc border all around entire square, with 3 scs in each corner.

finish off, weave in ends!

As always, you may sell items made from my patterns, but you may not under any circumstances sell my patterns or take credit for them as your own.
Copyright Jennifer Kaye 2011