Friday, February 26, 2010

Extra Large Spa Cloth - Free Pattern

I began working with cotton yarn a couple years ago and really loved the look and feel of it. I especially love Peaches N Creme to work with.

I had followed quite a few patterns to create washcloths and never found one that was just right for me. In the meantime, I had opened my shoppe and wanted to sell washcloths in it, and wanted to create one that was all mine, (or at least I haven't seen any like it) I also wanted to make one that worked up pretty quickly, and was larger than the typical cloth I was seeing. Thus, the Extra Large Spa Cloth was born.

Item description: These cotton washcloths measure roughly 9"x10" and are a wonderful addition to any beauty regime. They are super absorbent, great exfoliaters, all the while being very gentle. The pattern I designed gives a great texture on both sides...and makes the cloth look really cool! You can choose to use these as washcloths or dishcloths...I don't mind.

Extra Large Spa Cloth

G hook
1 ball cotton yarn
abbreviations: ch=chain, dc=double crochet, sc=single crochet, flo=front loop only, blo=back loop only

Gage: 11 dcs X 4 rows = 2 1/2 inches (in other words, don't crochet it too loosely)

Ch 43,
ROW 1 dc in third ch from hook and in the remaining chains (41) ch3 turn

ROWS 2-17 dc in first dc, ( *dc in blo of next three dcs, dc in flo of next three dcs) *repeat until one stitch remains, dc in last dc ch3 turn

after round 17, ch 1 and turn and sc around. make 3 scs in each corner and continue around until you have sc around entire square. join with a slip stitch finish off and weave in ends.

Copyright 2010 by Jennifer Kaye of Jenster76designs. You may make items from this pattern for personal use and to sell (a link to this pattern would be appreciated in your online listings), just don't copy or sell my pattern as your own.


  1. Just wanted to tell you, I LOVE these washcloths! I couldn't wait to crochet one, and they are the best I've ever seen. Easy & fun to make, and a joy to use! I've given several as gift sets to friends, and they REALLY like them.!
    Thank you for sharing this great pattern! Happy crocheting.

  2. THANK YOU for letting me know!! I would love to see how yours turn(ed) out!! If you are a fellow raveler, be sure to link your project to the pattern so I can check out your project. :)

  3. This cloth has a really great texture! So simple - great design!

  4. I am making these for my women's fitness bootcamp. I will fold them and wrap them around a water bottle and then tie a satin ribbon around that. I wrote a little poem to go on the tag:

    "I would be all sweaty if I didn't have my spa cloth and water already"

    :) thanks for the wonderful pattern!


  5. Thank you ladies...and LISA, that is the cutest thing ever! Love the poem. Glad you were able to find a cloth pattern that worked for you and the ladies! :)

  6. Thank you for taking the time to write this pattern up! I'll be sending people your way! I love it! Love it so much I can hardly use it!

  7. I love that you have included a printable version. Is there a way that you could include the picture in the printable version?

    1. I wasn't sure if folks would like to print off photos with their pattern..let me give it a little more thought. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Great pattern! I made one to go with a sugar scrub I made. Great texture and not too bulky.