Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MeeMee, Ya, that's Meeeee

Yes, Mee Mee. And that would be ME, ME *waving and jumping*.
My Itty baby girl calls me MeeMee instead of Mommy, and I kind of love it. I especially love it because she has been calling me Mommy and Momma for quite some time and my son didn't say that til he was like 18 months old. But MeeMee. That just melts me heart. (said with a pirate voice)


That's the other one. She answers everything with YA now. OH MY GOODNESS. so cute.
"Sissy, do you want to eat?" "Ya."
"Did you make poopoo?" "Ya."
"Do you love your Bubba?" "Ya."

I can't stand's so cute.
No walking yet...but she sure does know how to get around, that one.

Lastly, we totally believe in teaching the babes the correct names for their "private parts" in fact, we don't use the words private parts either. So sonny boy was leaving off the VA part of the female anatomy off when he would say it, but I would just say, No, it's VA-gina...
anyhoooos. He started putting VA infront of, VaPenis. Va-yotion (va lotion). Vamac&cheese..ya.
We went on a walk the other night. I was pulling the kids in their wagon. we start to pass a house where someone is weeding their garden. guess who decides it's time to say the word correctly? That's right. That would be little man...
i was mortified, and rightly so. i really hate the word...and quickly changed the subject to dogs. followed closely by a chorus of little bitty voices "woofing" in the wagon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suck it up Big Boy

Uh...ya, that's what I was thinking when the hubby came home on Wednesday complaining of a tummy ache. I was tired from dealing with my 1 and 2 year old all day...ready for my break after the grueling 11 hour shift I had put in...(son got up extra early that morn.)

Hubby went straight to bed to lie down...and my break didn't come until around 8:30 when I put the babes to bed. I finally started getting some shut eye when he wakes me up to tell me that he is in the worst pain of his life. I'm like...c'mon now...take a laxative and go to sleep!! :) (I'm mean.)

He called the nurse advice line and they told him with his symptoms to go straight to the ER. I said, "How much is our co-pay?" He laid back down and fell back asleep.

In the morning, he was still hurting, I checked the symptoms of appendicitis online, which he pretty much matched to a "T" and got ready to take him to Urgent Care. I dropped him off and took the kids to the mall for a walk, got the call to come pick him up to take him to the ER...called my dad to babysit, and as we are pulling up to my parent's house, baby girl decides to projectile vomit all over the seat in front of her, and in her lap. Seriously???

So we only dropped the boy off with Papa and Gramma, and went home to get the stinky seat out of the car and clean up little lady.

Finally we get to the ER and pretty much waited for an hour to be seen...HOWEVER...once they brought him in, they didn't even do the CT scan...they asked him to lift his right leg..he couldn't, they pressed his belly, he yelped...a nurse came and got me from the waiting room...and we were off to OR.

IT WAS APPENDICITIS!!! I felt like such a jerk!!
Here were his symptoms:
Wed morn- general belly ache.
Wed aft/eve- more intense belly ache/cramps
Thurs wee hours of the morn- feverish, cramps, nausea, vomiting, very sleepy
Thurs morning- pain had moved from being general to moving to between his belly button and his right hip.

The doc called me, because I had to leave with the babe, and he told me they got his appendix out and that it was indeed appendicitis. The nurses told my hubby that the size of a normal appendix is usually like the size of your pinkie. His was the size of a lobster tail. They think it was only a matter of minutes before it had burst!!!

A big thank you to my parents for watching the kids again on Friday...I was able to go to the hospital and wait with him, we got info that if he was discharged with the code: Short term stay , rather than admitted, and he left the hospital within the 24 hour period of having his surgery, we would only be charged 15% of the bill up to $300 max. Otherwise it would be a $1000 copay. Wooooooooooo hooooooo!! I don't think if I had been there we would have ever known!!!

It is Tuesday now, and he is back at work. He's just sore and bruised, but nothing like he felt last Wednesday. Man, I am so thankful we got him where he needed to be...just in time!!! Appendicitis can be fatal!!!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lovey Dovies..or How Tweet Part Duex

Here are my two birdies sitting on their box... I freaked them out a little bit by being outside with a two year old. Okay I didn't freak them out, I think it was JUST the two year old. But I love these little doves.

Happy Etsy Day

Good Morning all my readers!!

Today is the first ever ETSY day. Just spreading the love about out there. Pretty much my go to place to buy just about anything these days.

And if you already know about this global craft fair, why not let a few friends know too! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Do the weeks just fly by for you too??

Doing well here. Finally feels like spring. It rained and snowed last the rescheduled egg hunt was cancelled...again, so glad my babes don't know what they are missing!

Been going to the park with them pretty frequently. Fun.

Been crocheting a lot.

Been shredding on the 30 day shred again.
Feels great!

My bro and his wife will be coming for a visit very soon. I can't wait to see the little pumpkin they had last year. They made me an Auntie! :)

Alrighty, I'm off again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

And another...

Excuse me for tooting (my own horn)...but I found myself in another as well! The ladybug hat!

In Another Treasury

Check it out here

Friday, April 17, 2009

How Tweet..

Saw this sweet dove out in the garden. It's blurry because it is 12x zoom through my window, but still wanted to share.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Greek Tacos

YUMMY!!! I mentioned this recipe before, but I am actually posting it now. I made a few variations, like I used ground turkey instead of the chicken, I bought Greek plain yogurt and doctored it up with some cumin, salt pepper and garlic powder, we added feta cheese crumbles, and did not use any lettuce.

I also served this with a side of chick peas. I took a can of them, rinsed well, drained and placed in a pan with a couple swirls of olive oil on medium heat. To this I added a few dashes of cumin, and garlic powder. Then I placed in about a fourth of a jar of roasted red pepper. Cook until it is nicely warmed.

Enjoy!! I know we did!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maundy Thursday

So I had never heard of such a thing. Had to look it up, actually. But our pastor asked the hubby and I to help make it a special event at church last Thursday night.

Hubby busted out the trailer, the lights the road cases and we set them up on stage to create mood. The chairs were turned into semi circles and a table was placed into the center of those. When you first walked it, it did not seem to be a church sanctuary at all, but a fine dining establishment! It was very cool...I thought.

We had a babysitter come to the church to watch our babes while we ran through songs and finalized all details...well, little lady decided to cry pretty much the entire 3 hours she was there. Boy, I did not realize that when you decide to breastfeed for a year, you create an almost unnatural codependant bond with your kid! :)

Pastor read scripture leading up to the Last Supper, Hubby and I sang the song The Last Supper which you can find a tiny sample here. Then we took communion at our tables. This was followed by more scriptures and then I had to sing this song. which I wasn't sure I could do without crying. I almost didn't get through it...but I do know there were plenty of tears in the crowd.

All in all, it was a beautiful service, and I am glad our church did this.

Boy oh boy...

I am so tired. I think the hubby and I have just fallen into this really bad habit of going to sleep so late and waking up so's finally catching up with me. I slept later than my kids today. I was at 8:30 this morning by the screeching of a baby girl...trying to mimic the birdies outside her window. This was followed closely by the more masculine screeching of her two year old brother (lol) trying to mimic the sounds of sissy through his wall.

It actually is one of the cutest things. Listening to the babes "talking" through the wall.

Our girl is such a chatterbox. We ask her what a doggie, kitty, and monkey say, and she makes the sounds. We were at my parents house yesterday and went outside to pet their boxer, Hattie. Before I know it, little Lady is saying, "Haaddie" she loves to learn new words. She was all over the word "Egg" at Easter, only she said it, "Eck".

I am officially addicted to facebook. It is really crazy to me that you can find people you went to elementary (why?) middle and high school...and re kindle friendship! I go on there "just for a few minutes," only to be caught up in status, new friends and inbox messages. So fun.

We are looking forward to the egg hunt for the kids on Saturday. It was cancelled this past Sat because of here's to crossing fingers that little lady will be walking by then! :)

This last weekend we made such a kickin' recipe for dinner..I think I will incorporating it into either a weekly or twice a month meal for us. Greek tacos. I will post the recipe soon. All I have to say is warm pita bread, tomatoes, cukes, and ground turkey...okay and feta, and greek yogurt. YUM.

I am trying to restock my store. I feel like all I am doing is putting my hands on lots of little projects that haven't quite got finished. So slowly but surely items are being loaded onto Jenster76 . I really want to get more hats made, but that is taking a back burner right now to getting market bags and the like done. Soon I say, soon.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Intentions...or Haircut number 3

I get online with every intention of filling everyone in on life and such...and then I feel guilty because I don't have a picture to go with the blog! How lame.
So I am just gonna write my blog with the INTENTION of putting in images VERY SOON!!

So Saturday we went to the mall with the INTENTION to get Little Man's haircut for the third time in his life. We were set to take him to the "haircut store" aka Mop Tops. It is a cute little children's salon that has Merry Go Round type horses for the tots to sit on (and hold on for dear life to) to keep their little hands occupied...Well, we hype it up...we tell him, "We're going to the haircut store and Bubba's getting his hair cut." He's ready, he says, "Sure." (That's his new answer for everything...followed closely with NO most of the time.) We pull up to mop tops with the kids in the double stroller...and *heart beating quickly* the metal bars are down over the entrance...Um Um Uhhhhhhhh HEM.

See here is the before shot...Ya, he needed a haircut BAD!!

Now you must understand, that little man has beautiful, golden curly locks...I can't just trim it up...need I remind anyone of the "Billy Ray" I did to him? Well, his first haircut was ADORABLE...but he was traumatized by the squirt bottle and Daddy holding his hands down...In fact...when I add pics to this post, I will insert some of his first cut. As promised:

His second cut, was a Buzz. Yes, you heard me correctly, we went from a cute scissor cut to daddy pulled out the shears and buzzed that junk OFF. We thought he was traumatized the first time...wweeeellllllll after that, he wouldn't even look at himself in the mirror for months. oops.

Back to heart racing...They aren't even closed...they are GONE!!! What?!?! So, we take him to JCPenney's salon...(How many of you had NO earthly idea that JCP even had a salon?) And I ask the lady at the counter if they cut children's hair. She said they did, then walks about ten feet away to these two stylists sitting there shooting the breeze. I hear her ask, "Who wants to cut a two year old's hair?" The 40 somethingish man with the feathered boooofahnt (no idea on spelling) says in his shriekish old ladyish voice, "I wanna cut, I wanna highlight...." and was going off about how they did not want to cut a two year old's hair. HELLO!! I CAN FREAKIN' HEAR YOU...So we walked away. Got in the car. Made a plan.

Great Clips. They should be named, Life Saver, Wonderful, Fabulous Clips. Or at least Lee should be. She was all of the above. Little man sat down very distraught....Daddy busted out the juice box for Bubba. She had Daddy put on his apron and squirt his head down. By now, tears and frowns are turned into joy and laughter. And her hands moved at lightening speed. KaChow! He's adorable. And we kept the integrity of his hair without a mullet.
And now...the moment you all have been waiting for:

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

um yummy...

Just got this box of delish in the mail...okay not just...but got it yesterday! Save your gasps and lift your chins off the mom and I both ordered, and this is a combination of all our yarn...
but I still might need to go to rehab for yarn addiction.