Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wondered where I was?  Sorry for going MIA...I've got a basket that runneth over full of UFO's (UnFinishedObjects) that I have been working on. I've got a craft fair in August and a photo in a local magazine coming out...so I have to stock up on inventory...oh...and a friend with a baby on the way..sooooo I've got my nose to my hook!!

How have you all been??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Have I Never????

In all my life, I have never ever experienced the joy of the "Tuna Melt." I've missed out on the deliciously satisfying flavor and the ease of preparation!! Until last week, I'd never tried one or made one...even my hubby is absolutely head over heals for my newest addition to our dinner menu.

May I present to you...

You just need a few items...For my family of four, I used two cans tuna, but I have just used one as well.
sharp cheddar
lemon pepper
True Lemon crystals or lemon juice (I like the crystals because it doesn't make your mixture wetter)
Before you prepare your mixture, you need to prep your bread of choice. I used whole wheat buns.  Line your pan with foil, and place your halves open faced on top. Place them in a 350 degree oven while you are working on the mixture.

Place your tuna in a mixing bowl, add a small amount of mayo (I used like 2 tbsps) 1 packet of True Lemon (or squeeze on wedge of lemon) lemon pepper to taste, and your finely chopped veggies.  For my kids I left out the jalapeno pepper, then added it after I made their sandwich.

Take your bread out of the oven and top one half with your mixture (I used an ice cream scoop) and the other half with a slice of cheddar...(these are kind of thick..I know...but that's how we roll)

Place them in the oven for 6-8 minutes

Flip the cheesy bun on to the tuna side...serve with a lettuce leaf and a thick tomato slice, and your choice of side. (Mine was zucchini from my garden seared in olive oil)

                                                   Enjoy!! And tell me if you make yourself one!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Little bit of everything

Fun weekend. My little cousin was married on Friday evening, beautiful bride...it was fantastic. I can't believe I forgot my camera, I got no pictures of the big day...nor of any with my cousins I haven't seen for YEARS!! It was nice to visit with all of them, many of whom are now mommas themselves.

My littlest munchie was sick on Friday so she had to skip the wedding, as did her dad and brother. (Thank you Honey for watching the babes for me.) Then my little boy munch got sick on Saturday night, not so much fun. I hate when there is really not much you can do for them when their throats are sore and their noses hurt.  Theres not much reasoning with a two and three year old.

Yesterday, I made a most delicious pot roast...o man is it good..basically my take on beef stroganoff. I just take a chuck roast, throw it in the crockpot after searing it in a pan...add a box of mushroom soup, seared onions and garlic, and a couple stalks of celery finely chopped....let it simmer on high for like 6 hours...serve over egg noodles and watch your husband like his plate!! :)

Been crocheting a bit with cotton lately...I'm trying to build inventory for a craft show I was invited to participate in...right now I am on a hanging towel kick...so I've been making hanging towels and either a dishcloth or scrubbie to go with it...I am really needing to work on lunchbags badly...as school will be starting up again in the middle of August, and.....a local magazine took pictures of a couple of my bags for a back to school issue...I hope that drives some new customers (or at least lookers to my shop). I will show you guys the spread once it is published. I am also wanting to have a bit of lunchbag inventory over at a new local shop called Hallowed Ground some of my longtime friends have just opened up.

Anyhoots, I better get off the computer, I got a massive etsy order last night, so I'm off to "crow" four pairs of slippers! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


making plans
important errands
so quickly derailed
when the keys
play hide and seek

Monday, July 12, 2010

My own delicious deception...

I am full fledged in love with my garden. I check on it every day, water it, weed it, stand in the middle of it and search for new fruit. Well, we just harvested some of our first fruits the other day, some yellow crooked neck squash and zucchini.  I sliced up one of the squashes and seared it in butter on the stove...it was heaven.

Today, I got home from the gym and checked my garden..There was a beautiful yellow squash just happily growing on the  plant. I plucked it. Washed it. Then shredded it with my cheese grater.

I put two eggs in a bowl, beat them, added a little half & half and salt, and the shredded yellow squash. I put a pat of butter in a frying pan, then added the egg mixture. I continued scrambling my eggs until they were the consistency I love. I served a little to each of my tots and myself. It was DELISH!! Each kiddo cleaned their plates...so ya, score mom!! I totally got them to eat some wonderful vegetable right up!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes the Best Plans..

Are no plans!

We had a great time this last weekend in Denver...I got to visit one of my best friends whom I met in college. (Very nice when your husbands get along well and your children are the same age) And her sister and family.
We awakened on the fourth with plans to head downtown Denver...and to enjoy a milky way cappuccino....which we did, and it was amazing. Then we walked to the 16th street mall, an entire street to indulge in your shopping pleasures, and little man noticed the buses. Thankfully, they are free, so we hopped upon a bus and rode it for two stops, walked to our cars and headed on a magical journey through quaint neighborhoods to Washington park. What fun!

A big band was playing, there was a huge wooden playground for the kids and ducks and water...and...something I thought I would be too embarrassed to do. Bicycle rentals. Um. Bicycles that seat like 8 people. So we rented one and rode the entire park. Here's my view of the ride...

Our two tots rode in the very front and we all pedaled. It was so much fun...then my friend found a VERY cool ice cream shop in a magazine that happened to be on Broadway in Denver called Sweet Action Ice Cream shop.  The link will take you to some reviews of the place. But wow. They use local products to make amazing ice cream. My hubby tried one called Whiskey Brickle and Guinness milk chocolate, I had a scoop of pistachio and chai, and our friends had a blueberry fudge twirl and a salty butterscotch. If you are EVER in the area, it is a must stop. (the prices are awesome.)

Afterward, we made our way to my friend's sister's place for amazing barbeque and much socializing! It was a wonderful day, all unplanned and delightful. Better than some days where I've totally had an agenda as to what will happen.
It did rain and thunder for us, however, the lightening we saw in the beautiful big sky was much grander than any firework display could have been.

Hope your fourths were grand!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Five- US Destinations I would like to take my family

Hello, and welcome to this week's Five for Friday. Since lots of people are travelling this weekend I thought this would be a fun list to do. Here are Five places I want to take family vacations to in the United States. (no particular order)
san antonio...and austin
speaks for itself san deigo..and really all so. cal. disney world and...much of FL ahhh yes, Niagara Falls...as well as some other east coast destinations.

Now it's your turn...where are some vacation spots you would like to take your family? Where has your favorite place to visit been? (Practically begging for comments) teehee.
Until next time!! The ToddlerWhisperer