Monday, August 30, 2010

big button chain band

You need worsted cotton yarn and g hook, as well at a large button.
First you need to measure the head where the headband will sit. I measured my two year old's head to be 19". 
Then you double that length. ( 38") and crochet a chain for just about a half inch shorter than your doubled length. (So I crocheted a chain that was 37 1/2 " long)

Now you need a big or cute button. I like the ones with a loop on the back.

Thread one end through the loop going one direction.

Then thread the other end of the chain through the loop going the other direction. Tie a really tight knot, then a sailor's knot. Clip the ends short.

Flip it over and you are finished!

Just wrap it around your head and loop the chain over the button! Easy peasy!!

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