Thursday, December 29, 2011

Did you miss me?

Well, for most of 2011 I had no internet connection...then, for the last part...well, I had slipper orders coming out of my ears! :)

Now I get to be a mommy. And a blogger...a little bit. Here are some of the crafts we've been doing around here:

Around Thanksgiving, we went on a little leaf treasure hunt...I cut out a construction paper body and the kids did the rest...they're turkeys!

Thanks to a Martha Stewart craft idea, I bought some jewelry wire, and cut a good length of it, bent the end, and the kids LOVED threading them with buttons! I didn't embellish any more than this, but a little bow would be cute too.

We went on a pine cone hunt a few days before Christmas and found a few pretty ones that we made even prettier with some glue and glitter. I used the jewelry wire again and just wrapped the heck out of the center of the cone to attach it. Then formed a loop and hung them on the tree.

Hubby and I (okay mostly I) did some holiday baking to help bring on the happy merry jingle bell feelings!

I got my secret santa gift from my treasury team mate. She made me some bookmarks with my new shop name banner. :)

And, I am wearing one of my first knit hats I made! I am hoping to have a nice supply of them in my shop when it opens up! Yippeee. 
Thanks for peeking over here at the toddlerwhisperer!

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  1. The hat looks great and the crafts look fun. I think it's cool you made them from local stuff! And yes...I did miss you being able to post, even if I'm partially to blame for ordering like 5 pairs of slippers this year. :)