Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thanksgiving 128-135 (the interview)

128. My friend who's a lot like me in lots of ways. Taking time to help ease my nerves about an upcoming interview.
129. Sweet Mr ToddlerWhisperer, outfitting me with new clothes and shoes for my interview. Bringing outfit after outfit to the fitting room and spending his hard earned paycheck on me, to make me feel pretty.
130. My sister in law, who, after taking time to make my hair ombre aqua, chopped every last bit of blue out of my hair to make it fun and sassy.
131. My BFF praying with me on the phone in the parking lot before I went to my interview.
132. My Dad, praying with me and encouraging me right before my interview.
133. Mr ToddlerWhisperer staying up late with me to practice. It's been many years since I had to put myself out there!
134. The Lord, for giving me this opportunity. For calming my nerves. For reassuring me, that even if I don't get the position, there will be one available for me.
135. That I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, gave clear answers and overall felt great after my 5 person panel interview! Hurrah
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  1. Hope it went well. I didn't realize the interview was here already! I'll be praying it works out for you!


    1. yes, it was wednesday...i thought it went really well, just waiting on hearing from them. :)