Friday, September 13, 2013

Bible Fun

Every Friday my students have two things to look forward to. First is their memory verse quiz *wink wink* and second is Sword Drills.

Students use their Bibles or the Bible under their desks...I call out a random verse and they frantically search for it so they can win.  I have sweetened the deal for my classes though. I have had parents donate prizes so the kids compete for candy prizes or the revered "Big Box" prize.

Here's how we play:
I call out different groups to participate. Sometimes it is by row, sometimes by shirt color, other times it is by what they ate for breakfast or if they have particular pets. The kids love this part.

Then I call out what they are playing for...either fun sized candy or a big box prize. The big box prizes are awesome donations that I had asked for near the beginning of the year and continue to ask for throughout the year. Usually they are non edible, dollar section prizes. Things like pens, locker magnets, journals, silly putty...

I call out a verse. All bibles are shut. If students have book tabs they have to hold them against their chest. I say the verse once more then say "GO."  The first student who starts reading the correct verse wins the prize. It is such a great way for the students to get to know their Bibles and the books in them!

I encourage my slow pokes to play at home with their's a lot of fun

I have included a picture of our prizes.

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