Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extreme Diggers

It's amazing how much censoring you do as a parent, trying to protect your little one from hearing, or seeing things that would harm their little, impressionable minds.

I remember when our little man first started paying attention to what was on tv...we realized how quickly we would need to change the channel...or mute it...or even turn it off... (And that was just for commercials!!) I never realized how many scary movie commercials come on in the 7pm hour on fox than I did while we were watching American Idol last season.

Try as we may, something inevitably will slip by...even the most innocent of things can become a scary ordeal for your child...
Case in point:

My son LOVES tractors, loves them. He sees them before I do, he points them out as we pass them, and he always acknowledges that the tractors are "workin' so harrrd." So one Sunday maybe two weeks ago, we had the tv on, watching as a little family, and we tuned into Extreme Home Makeover. There was a large tractor on screen, you know, the ones that demolish the houses...we call the ones with the long "necks" if you will, Diggers. And he pointed it out to Daddy. Then it began to demolish the house.

A few days ago, as Hubby was changing son's diaper, Little Man goes, "It's not gonna get you..." Daddy says, "What's not gonna get you?"
"the big digger. It's not gonna get the house."
"Oh no Son, it's not gonna get the house. You're safe."

Then yesterday, I was changing his diaper and he says to me, "Digger's not gonna get the ceiyying (ceiling)."
"Oh no, baby, it's not gonna get our house."
"It's not gonna kill me."
"Oh, Baby, you're safe. It only gets houses when no one is in it and they want it to knock it down."

Oh my goodness...I can't believe my little man is afraid of the tractor coming to "kill" him like we kill the random fly or spider in our house. (That's the only way he knows what kill means..)
And we do, we try so hard to shelter him from scary...and the one thing he is afraid of is a tractor.

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