Friday, July 24, 2009

Been so busy!!'s been too long since I have touched this blog!! Sorry!! I know that there are some of you checking...only to be disappointed with the same o same o!!

Well July has been hot...not just hot but HOT. The other morning I wanted to get out early to run goal was to get in the car before the temp got to be was 92..sheesh. By the time we got home, it was 97!! Talk about melting. By the time I buckle the kids in the car, get in the front seat and turn on the vehicle...their little faces are rosy red and they are miserable!!

The cool thing is, there have been some awesome thunder and lightning storms almost every afternoon. The other day we actually got some rain too...that lasted almost all night!

Last weekend my brother in law and sister in law came over. Hubby's brother helped him clear the backyard of tumbleweeds...yes, we get tumbleweeds in these here parts :) And while the boys worked the land lol ladyfolk embarked on a crochet project. We were going to make an afghan "in a day" like the pattern said. And it was true!! Here is mine:

After seeing these pics, some of my photographer friends asked me to embark on a prop making journey..Oh my!! I have been crafting all week...One asked for a pixie type hat for newborns...All I have seen are the knitted ones...I saw a few patterns for crochet ones but didn't like them too much. I created my own version!! :) I need to make the tippy top a little longer, and figure out a better tassle...but other than that...not too shabby, right??
Another friend asked for this crazy cute two pom pom hat made with chunky handspun wool!! The wool is in the mail...and I can't wait to get my hands on it. She also asked for a tassled blanket to lay in a basket...this is it so far...
My boy has been very imaginative lately...such a cutiebug. We sang the "Happy Birthday" song I don't know how many times yesterday as he made birthday cake after birthday cake with his sister's ring stacker...He's fun!! :)

My little Lady is just a blast too. I LOVE "Goodnight Moon" and have been reading it to her for the last couple months...and she is really into pointing everything out for me. I even forgot to ask her where the mouse was on a particular page...she wouldn't turn the page and said, "mohse" Oh ya!! :)
And South beach progress...well..we really feel like we have made a wonderful lifestyle change...I haven't lost any for about a week...which is okay because I was bad last weekend and ate pizza...but otherwise....loving eating this way! :) (As a side note...did you know you should be eating 30 grams of fiber per day?? You should be sure to drink a lot of water too...ya know...they work together)


  1. awe, good night moon was a book that carissa and i really connected with. jonas sits for a minute max then wants to throw the books and giggle... i'm working on getting him some books with trucks or something. hahahaha ok, maybe not trucks, but some better sensory books.

    any who... i love your lightening pic. that's a great shot. did you get a new camera or something? i haven't been on the board lately if you've written about it.

    that afgan is awesome!! i have like 10 projects sitting waiting for me to finish and two of them are for your kiddos. remember back when i asked you what they liked... well, those projects are chillin' for a bit, sorry. and i have one for you and like 3 for my aunt... and so on and so forth.

    any who... miss you!

  2. That afgan is beautiful! I love the color. I also love that book goodnight moon. I read it to the girls all the time. And the little hat is too cute! Awesome job!

  3. Thanks gals! :), no new camera...I just stood very patiently in my daughters room looking out the window...snapped it at just the right time...just a canon elph powershot....

    No worries about us when you are stressing about projects...I am taking forever to get some of mine done!! Oh, and you should update your ravelry account! :)

    Miss you too lady!