Friday, October 23, 2009

Five Faves- Handmade Items You Own and Love

I would so love it if you would participate with me on these Friday "Five Faves" posts. I admit, I am copying this from a blogger who is copying this from one of her friends...but she doesn't know it yet. LOL.

Handmade is so wonderful. I love making things for people and hearing about how they love it, I love buying fact, my new tradition (starting last Christmas) was to buy as many of my gifts for family on etsy...or handmade.

So I've been making a wonderful pattern from Mamachee on etsy and thinking about what handmade items I love in my life.

Here is a sampling of FIVE handmade items I own and love.
This is just a fraction of the handmade blankies for either of my babes...(mommy and daddy have some too) My son LOOOOVVVVVEEESSS his blankets, and will tell me...pretty much on a daily basis that he does. Thanks to the effort and time from Grandma and others that created these handmade goodies of daily use.
Next item up is this wonderful wooden toy box that my dad made little man for his second birthday. My mom was telling me just yesterday that she and my dad were so worried that it was too nope. Hopefully little sister gets one for her second birthday too. *wink wink*

Next is kind of two fold...Since my ladybug has TONS of hair...and has since birth, she has accumulated more than the average amount of clippies one little girl should have. I was running out of room...and didn't want to spend too much money on a clippie holder, so I made one myself. I just bought a ladybug plaque for like a dollar at Michaels, some wide polka dotted ribbon and used a narrower green ribbon I already had and glued them all together to make this holder. Matches her room to a tee and keeps all her handmade clippies safe and sound. Some of my favorite clippie makers are fellow March Mommies I met on my birthboard. Steff, Angelhairclippies, and Kenzie's Klippies and of course I had to try my hand at making some too...just not my favorite thing to do. I would much rather pay someone else to make them!! :)This ring is one of my favorite etsy buys... Not being the tatooing type (not yet at least) I wanted something to commemorate my "motherhood" if you I searched high and low for a mother's ring that I liked. So many are soooo gaudy. Have you ever done a search for one?? Well I came across the Sweet Familia Ring in Farafield's shop on etsy. I loved how simple and just plain cool it was to me. So one little glass bead represents my babe's March birth and one represents my other babe's December birth. I love it.

Lastly are my newest crochet project. I mentioned I was working on a new pattern...and it is for slippers. Gosh I love these slippers!!! They fit so nice and keep my toesies so toasty!!! I am working on them now for my etsy shop. LOVE them.

So there you have it...My five handmade items for today...Like I said, I would love to know your five faves for today too!! Post yours on your blog and link to me or just write them into the comments!


  1. Fun! My five favorite handmade items are: my lounge pants I made at Hip Stitch (I wish I could wear them everywhere), my new purse/diaper bag from Burst of Color, the way too many baby hats I've gotten off etsy (and from you), the quilts that each of my babies have gotten as gifts from people who know how to quilt, and a fun new photo necklace I just learned how to make!!

  2. These are fantastic! But I especially love those blankets :) :) (say, how would one go about getting some of those for oh, maybe Christmas or something??? :) )

  3. Hey Chelsey...what are you looking for exactly?