Friday, October 30, 2009

Five-times you have been scared out of your mind...

No particular order here...

1. When I was little I could have sworn Spider man was looking inside my window as a little girl. I promise...It sounds hilarious now, but I was frozen with fear and couldn't even scream for my mom or dad to come help me.

2. When my husband and I were on a walk before we had married, we walked through a neighborhood with a lot of dogs...and big properties (like small farms). This pit bull came running around the house of one particular heart sank when I noticed the gate was open...he came right to the gate, began snarling, then circling us. I looked all over the ground for a stick or a rock...there was none. I noticed tears were streaming down my face...and I didn't even know I was crying. I kept screaming at him to "GO HOME" and felt his nose on my leg...his hair was bristled...his owners...WERE WATCHING what we were going to do TO their dog!! G called 911 and very soon an off duty officer and his family pulled up and yelled at the owners to get their dog. Boy were my knees weak after that experience. I don't even remember how we walked home after that!! Needless to say, we always bring a walking stick with us out on walks now.

3. On our honeymoon, we drove several hours from our city to Las Vegas. We had to drive through Hoover dam. At night. At first, we were all touristy...taking pictures...parking...the whole shebang. In just a few minutes the darkest, heaviest, creepiest feeling just settled on us...We seriously scrambled to our truck and couldn't drive through fast enough. It even felt like the walls were closing in on us. creepy.

4. Driving home from college with one of my dearest friends and our friend from Bermuda, Nikki. We begged my dear friend (the one with the car) to leave late one afternoon...I think she had wanted to stay one more day...Well, it was pretty easy going...and my friend was getting tired so Nikki volunteered driving...No more that an hour after she started to drive it started sprinkling, then raining, then pretty much it was a torrential downpour. Nikki was a trooper and was doing so well. until the snow. Yup. It began to snow like crazy and the more we drove the thicker and stickier it became until Nikki began to pass a humongous semi-truck and turned into the left lane right onto a thick layer of black ice. Nikki was already scared because she was from BERMUDA for crying outloud and had NEVER driven on snow. It was seriously like a horror movie....all three of us were screaming..and praying. Needless to say we made it..but they closed the highway just a little down the road and we had to stay the night in a hotel before finishing the hour and a half drive home.

5. Anticipating my second c-section. The first one happened so fast, I didn't have time to think about it. #2, however...well I had time to think about the whole process. I think my heart was in my throat the entire drive to the hospital.

Well...that's my five. What scares you??? Any creepy stories to post?

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