Friday, November 20, 2009

Five- Road Worthy Snacks

Well, we're packing up the kids and heading out on the open roads bright and early tomorrow...okay well technically not bright because we are leaving before the sun wakes up. However, I wanted to list some of our favorite road snacks. These are by no means all of them...and I already realize that I have left out some...but here are five that are usually our traveling companions as we drive off on our adventures.

1. These are what the hubby likes to travel not so much.
2. Now these are one of my favorite driving snacks.
3. I had to list these...When I was a kid, we used to travel around 4 1/2 hrs to my grandparent's house. My parents would always buy us a candy for the road and I would always pick the giant sweet tarts...Now when I was little, they weren't chewy...They were literally giant chalk like discs that would take us forever to eat, and would give us major blisters on our tongues!
4. We recently discovered that popcorn is an AMAZING road trip snack. Traveling with two little monkeys can get a little rough, nothing says silence like a big ol' bag of PC.
5. I actually don't like snackin' and driving as much as I did when I was a youngster ;) however, trail mix sounds mighty good this time around. I think I shall pick up some raw nutty goodness before we depart.
Happy Friday my lovelies!! See you soon!!

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