Friday, November 13, 2009

Five-things that keep you busy/eat your time

It is sad to me to think that somedays I am so busy...I forget to just get down and dirty and have fun with my babes. I have been trying to be more fun and play with them more...with fingerpaints and playdoh...digging in the sand and collecting leaves.

Here are some of the things that keep me busy...and I just need to be more aware of it.

1. Crocheting. I love it. It's a challenge, it's relaxing, it's fun, it makes a little bit of extra $$ for us. But it takes my time crazy.

2. Cleaning the house. I wish I had a routine or a "recipe" if you will for how to do this in an efficient...non dreadful way. But I hate it...and I think it hates me too...because I am constantly vacuuming, washing and cleaning, sweeping and mopping...and sometimes it doesn't even look like I have lifted a finger.

3. Going to the post office. I sure do wish the lines weren't so long...and that I owned a scale. So I could get the postman to just come pick up my packages. but i don't.

4. Laundry. Seriously? Like I just finish a massive undertaking of cleaning 4 human beings laundry...and I already have a mountain of dirty clothes...snickering in the corner.

5. Technical junk/tv. I think we need a hiatus from techy stuff. We are almost always online or watching tv to relax. That needs to change. It shouldn't be on my list..but it is.

Do you have a list of things that eat your time?? Are there changes you have made in your life to be less busy? Do you have any helpful housekeeping hints?? I'm all ears.

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