Saturday, April 24, 2010

Potty Training Fool

That's me. The Toddlerwhisperer. Potty Training. Potty training two toddlers at the same time. Ages 2. and 3.
Were you wondering where I have been? Whelp. It starts with a B. and ends with an M. (yup I get the humor there) BathrooM..(BM=poop). Oh, it's only funny to me?? potty humor...goes so well with potty training.

I think I might be a little lucky. naptimes and nighttimes have been pretty much accident free. both babes pee within seconds of sitting on the potty, and thanks to the foam Lightening McQueen potty topper I bought a year ago at Target, well, we are even going on errands all over town and pottying wherever the need arises. And just today, my son is starting to tell me when his "body has to make peeps." (Little lady has been telling me off and on for a week.) So yippee. We are getting there. My wallet feels a teensy bit fatter too...diapers are expensive!

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  1. color me jealous! My almost-two-year-old won't so much as squirt in the potty. He sits there and grins real big then wants down. Wash, rinse, repeat a million times a day. all for nothing! my mom keeps telling me he'll "get used to it" but GAH!

    My older son was a potty-pooper by the time he was TWO. If he pooped in his diaper, he would throw a FIT. The bathroom had to be open at all times, so he could go in and he would use the stool all by himself. It took him another year to learn the pee thing, but I was OK with that. It was a slap in the face to learn that's not how all kids do it. :/