Thursday, April 1, 2010

Me? A Scrapbooker?

So, when I had my daughter, it must have flipped the girly, craft switch in me. I became a crocheting fool, a clippie makin momma, and well, a hoarder of all things memory related to my daughter. Well, in a box.  My friend then began selling Creative Memories Scrap booking supplies, and I was hooked! 

I literally have the debate in my mind when the kids are napping..."Should I crochet, or scrap?"

I love my corner rounder...I think it is my favorite purchase...and my tape runner. YAY!!

This is my newest purchase. It is a sleeve that holds everything I need inside of it.. my journaling boxes, pages, and stickers as well as scraps. LOVE IT!!
Any way, I think that if you  have a big box of pics and memories, scrapbooking can be a fun way to organize it, and make a beautiful book for you or someone you love.

Where's your favorite place to pick up scrapbooking supplies? Do you like to crop alone or with friends/family?


  1. That's awesome - I'm going to give you all my scrapbooking stuff when I retire (which will be after I finish this last baby album!)