Friday, May 28, 2010

Five- Events of the Week

1. Bought goldfish...and an aquarium for them. One for each babe for their achievements in potty training. Little man is all the way trained. Sissy, not all the way but just about. they are happy little fishies, and i think they will live for a while.

2. Celebrated my birthday. well, i wouldn't say celebrated, more like acknowledged. and my mom reminded me that i am one year younger than her mom was when my mom got married. thanks for making me feel ancient mom. (let's just say my grandma was really young when she had my mom :D)

3.  Dealt with two little sick monkeys...I think they were just hit with some very short, very ugly virus. Little man actually learned to throw up in the potty instead of all over his floor...unfortunately not his sissy, who threw up all over his bed and blankets.

4.  Got a root canal today. nice. i go to a sedation dentist, but opted against the sedation...i figured if i can live thru two c sections, i can definitely live thru a root canal...but barely.

5.  Decided to be a vendor in a craft show that is now only one week away...i don't have much inventory, but will try my best to get a bunch done before next Saturday.  i also got my first solicitation from someone opening a boutique who wished to carry my slippers. it was such a complement, but i had to turn the offer down because i am not sure i can keep up with demand...that's a lot of crocheting!

Any of you have a week like mine? Have one better??


  1. Happy B'day! And what's up with the kids being sick in June? My babies are sick too, and I really thought cold and flu season would be OVER by now!!

  2. Thanks Ellen. I know, these summer flu bugs are no fun at all...well I guess flu bugs in general are just no fun!