Sunday, May 9, 2010

If I Only Was The Fellow

From The Best Loved Poems of the American People c. 1936

If I Only Was the Fellow

While Walking down a crowded
City street the other day,
I heard a little urchin
To a comrade turn and say,

"Say, Chimmey, lemme tell youse,
I'd be happy as a clam
If I only was the feller dat 
Me mudder t'inks I am.

"She t'inks I am a wonder,
An' she knows her little lad
Could never mix wit' nuttin'
Dat was ugly, mean or bad.
Oh, lot o' times I sit and t'ink
How nice, 'twould be, gee whizl
I a feller was de feller
Dat his mudder t'inks he is."

My friends, be yours a life of toil
Or undiluted joy,
You can learn a wholesome lesson
From that small, untutored boy.
Don't aim to be an earthly dait,
With eyes fixed on a star:
Just try to be the fellow that
Your mother thinks you are.
                                       Will S. Adkin

Happy Mother's Day to my Momma and my Mother in law...and to all my mommy friends who read this and all you Moms who stop by today. Hope your day is blessed with hugs, kisses, and appreciation for who you are and all you do.

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