Monday, September 13, 2010

Chit Chatting

Hello friends!
I've been working on some secret-ish projects...I need to get some off in the mail to the recipients..
I made this for a friend of mine who adopted the cutest little man from Manila I believe.. It's this free crochet monkey hat pattern. My daughter is such a little diva...already has the faraway model gaze.

I've been training at a new gym because mine really PO'd me by sending me an email on the 31st of August to tell me that September 1 was the last day they were having a kid's club. Thanks for the notice!! I have been training with my lifelong friend.  I am having so much fun. We work out like an hour and a half everyday and work on different parts of our bodies every day...5 days a week. Love it!

I am going to my first women's Bible study on the book of Hebrews too. This week will be week two. I am really excited about this study. I've been working on reading the Bible through all the way this year. It's been really interesting! Books that were usually really hard to get through (Lamentations, IKings...) are not so bad when they are broken up into a couple chapters at a time.

My garden...well, it's still chugging away. I need to make a separate post on it. Let's just say, my pepper patch is amazing, my tomatoes have been a bust and squash bugs decimated the squash, zucchini, and cucumbers.

I ordered some more yarn from Peaches & Creme cotton yarn from the source. I am thrilled because this will mean I can finish my cotton mile a minute afghan and also some secret projects for my Secret Santa swap partner on Ravelry.

Sure is starting to feel like Fall over here. I love September. It really is one of my favorite months..not too hot, not too cold...just right!

I appreciate all of you readers!!
I'll try to be more frequent with my postings...I've got lots to say and show you!

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