Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Form and Function

Been working out for pretty much the summer, but only in the last 6 wks have I been doing resistance with my cardio. One of my longest standing friends and I have been working out together, well, she's pretty much training me. She is awesome. 
Anyway, she's been drilling in me how important form is...
Note image B.
This is the exact exercise we were doing about 30 minutes prior to her taking this stance in front of the elevator at the mall to RIP the doors open as her three year old daughter was punching numbers and the doors were totally closing to take her away.
It was kind of awesome. I mean, we got to see the inner workings of the elevator door...and my friend rescued her babe before the elevator descended. oh. and her daughter never wants to ride in the "vator" again.

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