Monday, February 7, 2011

Did I tell you I learned to knit?

My mom was patient with me the week after Christmas and taught me how to purl (because I roughly knew how to knit) and taught me an easy way to cast on, and viola!! I can knit!! I haven't yet attempted anything with yarn overs or increases yet...but here is my show and tell!
My very first swatch.
my first scarf
my neckwarmer/cowl...when you are a crocheter cables intimidate, but knitting them is EASY!
a skinny scarf
hearts square
an owl's a little sloppy but it was fun.

Gosh it feels good to learn something new!! Have you learned something new too? Do you want to? What is it?


  1. I've got that on the list of things to do too...right after I finish getting caught up. :P Seriously though I'd love to learn just because I really want to branch out into Tunisian, and I know it's a blend of both, so I thought it would help to know all three. You look like you're doing pretty well for just having learned! Congrats on expanding your talents.

  2. Your talents are astounding and what a great job on your first knitted items! Keep it up :)

  3. Good job, Jen - you've knit a LOT of stuff!! :)