Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Am From

A friend of mine, over at posted this a few days ago. I have been neglecting leaving comments or even posting blogs, so, to try to get back into it, I am going to play along.
And you can too. I will post the link to the template after my poem.

I am from a hot pink bicycle with a cooshy pillowy seat, from Barbie Dolls and Lincoln Logs.
I am from the brown stucco home, warm, inviting, woodburning fireplace.
I am from the beautiful green grape vines lining the entry, the succulent cactus, growing in the planter my momma painted.

I am from touring the neighborhoods and looking at lights on Christmas Eve, and coming home to hear my father read the Christmas story from the Bible, and praying one for each other, from Grandmas and Grandpas and PawPaws and Grannies and Mamaws and Papaws.

I am from the "Be a person of your word"  and "Judge not".
From "Stay where I can see you"  and "Eat your vegetables".

I am from knowing about Jesus to knowing Him. Real tests to prove He knows my need.
I'm from the sultry southwest with roots in the deep south and in Europe, from hamburgers to nachos, fried chicken to lasagna.
From the being attacked by a giant black dog at a family reunion when I was two,  the sneaking rides to school with my cousin when i was supposed to be on the bus, and the little girl who sang at the Rescue mission with my dad.

I am from shelves of albums, dusty old trunks and treasured pieces of jewelry hidden in drawers. Memories, mementos and photos of old.  So grateful for their safe keeping, tying us all together, this family of mine.

Now here is the link to the template. You should go and write one too! (And let me know if you do!)

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