Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday 152-166

Lots to be thankful for, especially since I haven't posted for a while
152. My parents went out of town and returned safely
153. My son and daughter BOTH learned how to swing...not just sit there with noodle legs

154. We've taken some really long walks (with no stroller) every day this week...and I can feel the difference!
155. We cleaned up our garage massively, after our garage sale, and then what we didn't sell went to the church Rummage Sale, and then to GW. It's OUT of my garage.
156. We raised a nice little scholarship fund for the church kid's scholarship to camp.
157. Books with cds where the kids have to turn the page with the music...keeps my kids entertained for ohh..46.35 minutes.
158. Getting to babysit a boxer again. Reminds us we love dogs, but aren't ready for one.
159. Finding another awesome pyrex piece.

160. Spending time with my husband's family on Mother's Day. Mmmmmm grocery store deli fried chicken.
161. Spending time with my sweet peeps who made me a mother. :)
162. Starbucks gift cards.
163. A neighbor who handed me seedlings to plant over the wall.
164. Taking something ugly and making it perfect for our house.
(this was a $3 garage sale find that I sanded off the ultra dark finish and shabby chic'd it up)
165. Having a standing "date" every Monday with a friend of mine to WALK and have a play date.
166. Only 22 more days until my bff and her family come down for a visit!

Until next time. Stay Thankful!!

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut

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  1. Glad to see you were able to post today :) And I love the furniture redo!