Monday, July 2, 2012

Grace in a junkyard

Don't trials come at the most inopportune times? Like a car accident right as we are trying to save money for a mini vacation...without collision insurance.

Praise the Lord, this accident looks much worse than it really was, or how bad it really could have been. My hubby was on his way to work, driving in the fast lane where two interstates meet up. So happy he was protected from harm when it all went down.

But. Like I said, not good timing financially. So the cost of a new hood if we were to go to the dealer would be like $250, and the labor is at least $125 /hr and I'm sure they would have charged us for 2-3 hours of labor...because they CAN. ugh. So, hubby did something totally out of his comfort zone.
totally. out. of. his. expertise.

He went to UPULLIT. A junkyard, that surprisingly is located all over the country. He called and asked if they had any make/models of our car...THEY DID...they had 4.

He walked from row to row of piled high cars, and found the first car....front end collision....the next car...same problem...and finally, at the third intact and beautiful hood!! He and his father got to work unscrewing and pulling the piece off the car.

Was it an exact match for color? no. Was it an exact fit?

yes. YES!!

Final cost? $60. grace.

Grace Laced Mondays


  1. I love this testimony, friend. And am so thankful your hubby was okay! God provides in so many ways...some that we don't even realize. Thank you for drawing out the grace that is visible in simple and big things alike.

  2. That is fantastic! Love when God does that kind of stuff.

  3. God is good all the time! Glad your hubby is okay! I once saw your hubby at Smith's and was going to say hi and realized he doesn't have a clue who I am! hahaha Since I read your blog I feel like I know you and your family! hahaha

    1. He sure is! And you so should have said hello to him. We should get together sometime before school starts!

  4. I'm so glad it wasn't bad, but that does STINK! But then again, I'm glad you got it all done for $60 and not like $600.

    God sure is good. :)