Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flagstaff Find

While on a whirlwind road trip through Flagstaff, I asked Mr T if we could stop at the GW I saw on the side of the road. I said, "You never know what people in these little communities are donating, and who's looking."

I made my case. He agreed.

I found a few pieces of pyrex...a large primary mixing bowl that was in fair condition...I left it there...
A Town and Country divided dish....I left it there....
and, my first piece of England Pyrex.
It's called Blue Iris...seems like there are a lot of them floating around right now

Look how cute the handles are...scooped in like so..

It was marked at $6.99, but I thought that was fair for a piece that somehow, some way made it's way across the big blue pond! :)


  1. Not the type of England Pyrex I generally buy, but I'd love to hear the stories of the ones I do buy & how they made their way over.

  2. Jenny, this is not related to your post but I was just wanting to send you lots of happy prayers your way as you go back to work! You are a brave woman!

    1. Janelle!! THanks! I am so full of bittersweet emotions now. It's the eve of my last night as a SAHM, but I guess the wonderful thing about teaching is that every summer I turn into a SAHM again.