Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Again, I've been a busy girl!!

Of course it's always nice to be busy...kind of makes time pass quickly. I remember working at the super market as a teenager. I hated slow nights...that four hour shift would drag, but when it was busy...time flew by.

I've been working on a different order for another photographer. Steffanie Chapell it has been a lot of fun letting myself be a little more creative with my work... Here are some of the items I made for her.

Then on Friday, I just had the itch to travel. I have always loved a good road trip...in fact our honeymoon was three weeks of driving all over the western portion of the nation. So I called the hubs and asked him if he wanted to get away. He was really hesitant...then, to my suprise, he said, "Let's do it!" So we packed up the kids and took off at 8pm from our home to Denver. Now I could almost swear I've done the trip in maybe 4 or 5 hours (and maybe I did) but it took us like 7 hours to get to our hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton in the Denver Tech district. It was fantastic!! I had found a deal for $69 a night online, so I called to reserve, and got an even better deal for $59 a night!!! And to sweeten the deal even more...when we checked out...we were only charged for the one true day that we stayed!!!! (Arrived Saturday at 3am, checked out Sunday)


Now getting the kids to sleep on the one king sized bed with us was another story. They are so used to their own cribs that they pretty much remained wired until around 5am. We finally just turned on the Disney channel and let them konk out that way. We only got a few hours of sleep...(Oh, I didn't mention that my babes are ROAD WARRIORS..did I?? Totally awake the whole driving trip...except maybe napping for 45 minutes)

We went to the Denver aquarium which was really awesome!! Scared the babes a couple times though...(They have a cool flash flood zone where people get soaked...lots of screaming...) And an anamatronic orangatan..

And later that day, went to my best friend's house (from college) for a cookout. It was soooooo fun to see her and her hilarious sister again, and then to meet their husbands and kids. We had such a great time and didn't want to leave. The next morning I called her up and asked if they wanted to get breakfast with us....we went to The Original Pancake House which was soooo YUMMY!!! Then we headed home...Again, taking us about 7 hours to reach...
All in all, we were totally exhausted, but it was sooo wonderful to get away and take a break from the routine.
Now back to my tasks at hand...I have a friend making some amazing clippies for my babe and for my neice in a trade for a couple elf hats for her kiddos!!
I will try to post more often, but...you can understand, I'm sure!! :)

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  1. That Zoo looks awesome! I'm glad your kids travel well..Mine not so much! I love the things you are making. Really pretty!