Friday, March 26, 2010

5 for Friday- Things I love to do with my kids that make me feel like a kid again

We recently bought a bike trailer off of craigslist. I am in love with it.  I've been trying to go on little rides every day with the babes, to strengthen my leg muscles so I can go on longer rides soon. I thought this pic was funny, because this is oft how I feel we look!
I love fingerpainting with the kids.  We go in the back yard and have at it!!

Do you play tag with your kids?  I was playing yesterday at the park with mine...They were chasing me round and round the play structure. Then I spun around and "got" them. I love their shrieks and squeals!!

Our backyard needs some improvement. We used to have dogs, and they picked up goat head stickers in their paws when we would take them on walks in the "mesa" so they'd bring back the seedlings and we seriously had a major infestation in our backyard of goat heads. Needless to say, I wanted the kids to have a sandbox to play in, so we filled up their tiny pool with play yard sand. I love to go out there and let them dig. and bury cars!! It's loads of fun.

This last image is a coloring have at it.  I love to swim. I really love to swim with my kids.  I don't really love my post kids body, but I sure don't mind playing in the pool with those babies. What fun!!


  1. I love the first picture - that's hilarious!

  2. Keep on playing and never stop ;)