Friday, June 11, 2010

Five Goals...Revisited

Well, it has almost been a month since I listed these five goals..I think it is time to revisit.  I asked you if you wanted to list your five goals too...that we would revisit once a month for three months.  I'm hoping you did...because now it's time to see our progress. :)

1. To join a gym.  Check.  I have been going almost everyday...was sick for about a week and the kids were, so I had to skip out for about that long. Just getting back to it again.  So far, for sure (and not due to illness) I have lost 5 lbs.

2. To finish our backyard. Almost. However, we have a giant pile of yard trash and debris in the middle of the yard...not anymore  We want to put some grass in front of our patio,CHECK a play area for the kids,nope and a garden.CHECK

3. To shampoo our carpet in the entire house.  Potty training is messy.  Just when you think they've got it, there is yet another mess to clean. So soon. I want clean carpet again. deep down clean. No steamed carpet, but the kids are completely potty trained we are getting closer to the carpet goal.

4. To be able to park our cars inside the garage.  nope, not at all, but I have taken an entire truckload of stuff to goodwill and made a little bit of a clearing.

5. A garden. YUP!! We have a pepper patch, with bell peppers, NM green chile, serranos, poblanos, jalepenos and even tabasco peppers. Zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and grapes and currents. I even bought a stevia plant to 
harvest the leaves from! 

So how are you coming along with your short term goals?
Until next time!

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  1. There's nothing like verbalizing your goals to keep you accountable! My goal is to write some goals! :)