Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm a part of the Peaches & Creme group on Ravelry. Basically, a fan club for a really great yarn!  Every month, one of the moderators, Flo, who works at Peaches & Creme draws a name from all the projects posted to the group and the winner receives two cones of whatever they want.  I had been checking the customer appreciation thread, and knew it was almost time for a winner. I thought I would add another project, in hopes that maybe this time it would be me...well, I opened up my Ravelry account and found three messages in my inbox...all three telling me, or congratulating me on being a winner!! I was shocked and happy and so excited!  Then came the hard part...picking ANY two cones I wanted...from so many colors .  I decided I wanted to try a cabled I got the hot pink 1 lb cone. I am already starting a little tank top for my babe...I'll show you when I am done.  I also thought I would try the sour green apple...I love the blue, green, brown and ecru combined in this cone. Can't wait to make a slouchy spring hat with it!!
Have you knitters and crocheters out there joined Ravelry yet?  You should look me up...I'm jenster76.


  1. ooo!! Congrats lady!!! :D

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ravelry!!! I should join that group!!

    I've been thinking about switching more over to their products since it's all USA Made :)

    Happy Crocheting!!

  2. marin, you should...i think it's one of the best groups on rav.