Monday, July 12, 2010

My own delicious deception...

I am full fledged in love with my garden. I check on it every day, water it, weed it, stand in the middle of it and search for new fruit. Well, we just harvested some of our first fruits the other day, some yellow crooked neck squash and zucchini.  I sliced up one of the squashes and seared it in butter on the was heaven.

Today, I got home from the gym and checked my garden..There was a beautiful yellow squash just happily growing on the  plant. I plucked it. Washed it. Then shredded it with my cheese grater.

I put two eggs in a bowl, beat them, added a little half & half and salt, and the shredded yellow squash. I put a pat of butter in a frying pan, then added the egg mixture. I continued scrambling my eggs until they were the consistency I love. I served a little to each of my tots and myself. It was DELISH!! Each kiddo cleaned their ya, score mom!! I totally got them to eat some wonderful vegetable right up!

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  1. Beautiful! A garden that's cared for...will care for you~~*~~*~~*~~* and yours. Good job :)