Monday, July 5, 2010

Sometimes the Best Plans..

Are no plans!

We had a great time this last weekend in Denver...I got to visit one of my best friends whom I met in college. (Very nice when your husbands get along well and your children are the same age) And her sister and family.
We awakened on the fourth with plans to head downtown Denver...and to enjoy a milky way cappuccino....which we did, and it was amazing. Then we walked to the 16th street mall, an entire street to indulge in your shopping pleasures, and little man noticed the buses. Thankfully, they are free, so we hopped upon a bus and rode it for two stops, walked to our cars and headed on a magical journey through quaint neighborhoods to Washington park. What fun!

A big band was playing, there was a huge wooden playground for the kids and ducks and water...and...something I thought I would be too embarrassed to do. Bicycle rentals. Um. Bicycles that seat like 8 people. So we rented one and rode the entire park. Here's my view of the ride...

Our two tots rode in the very front and we all pedaled. It was so much fun...then my friend found a VERY cool ice cream shop in a magazine that happened to be on Broadway in Denver called Sweet Action Ice Cream shop.  The link will take you to some reviews of the place. But wow. They use local products to make amazing ice cream. My hubby tried one called Whiskey Brickle and Guinness milk chocolate, I had a scoop of pistachio and chai, and our friends had a blueberry fudge twirl and a salty butterscotch. If you are EVER in the area, it is a must stop. (the prices are awesome.)

Afterward, we made our way to my friend's sister's place for amazing barbeque and much socializing! It was a wonderful day, all unplanned and delightful. Better than some days where I've totally had an agenda as to what will happen.
It did rain and thunder for us, however, the lightening we saw in the beautiful big sky was much grander than any firework display could have been.

Hope your fourths were grand!


  1. so fun! I now want to try out that ice cream place! Isn't Wash Park the best?

  2. Betsy!!! I've come up twice and they've both been super quick trips. I will plan better next time so I can see you and meet your little family! Please let me know how your experience at Sweet action is!!