Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Latest Pyrex Finds

Mom and Dad went "pickin'" on Friday and found this for me for $2

Also from the same estate sale $2

and one last one they "picked" for me for $1

These were too pretty to cross process, I just found them today at Goodwill, the red one was marked $1.99 and the golden was marked $2.99. I asked her if she would just charge me $1.99 each and she DID!!

Now this I need some help with. My parents got this for me at the estate sale, and we couldn't figure out which casserole it goes to...or if it is even Pyrex?? It is BIG. Maybe like a divided casserole holder?

Lastly, I am trying to become a part of the PyrexCollective blog...Does anyone know if it takes a long time to get invited after emailing?


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