Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Thursday 116-127

116. Trouble shooting the Kuerig and getting it to work just fine again. (momma needs some Dark Magic in the morning) lol
117. Finally having a working vehicle for the kids and me to use during the day.
118. Getting that call, I'm interviewing for a teaching position.
119. Finding pretty pyrex on the shelves of GW.

120. Supporting GREAT local restaurants.
121. Unexpected gift card for my we could buy him some new work clothes.
122. Folded laundry.
123. Allergy medicine so I could sleep.
124. Fun drawing games from Chik Fil A
125. Hand me down clothes for my daughter from dear friends.
126. Realizing it's almost Iced Coffee season again! :)
127. Finding yummy recipes to try on pinterest. Like this one:

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a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. THAT PIE LOOKS AMAZING!! I was just thinking today (while perusing the garden section at Walmart) how I should plant some strawberry bushes...this makes it a definite must do! Stopping by from Thankful Thursdays :)