Monday, June 4, 2012

Grace Found in my New Vacuum!

We've got more carpet than should be legal, I admit it. We were rough on it when we first moved in to our house...lots of shoe traffic. Then came the children...oh boy. So many crumbs and stains and "unnecessary roughness" on these carpeted floors.

And all along for the last almost ten years we've been cleaning it the same way, using the same vacuum and slowly, almost without even noticing, it's been doing a poorer and poorer job on our carpet. Until, about two weeks ago, it finally gave up its fight and literally broke in two.

I knew we couldn't get a new vacuum right away, so I carefully duct taped it together, and continued to use it until Friday.

We researched vacuums, and not wanting to spend too much, decided on a Eureka SuctionSeal. I put it together rather quickly,  and began vacuuming shortly after. I was amazed at how tall my carpet seemed to be standing, astonished by what was being picked up into the collection bucket.

This vacuum is BOSS! Our entire house feels different. Fresher, cleaner, easier to breathe in. 

Made me think about my life. How many harmful or toxic behaviors are disguised by good intentions? (too much time on the computer, getting angry and snapping over silly or small things) How many bad habits am I pushing around my life with little positive effect? Just as it feels fantastic to get the dust and dirt out of my carpet and house, in preparation for my best friend and her family to come visit, it's time to look into the corners of my heart, and do some house cleaning here too, for my most important Guest. What areas in my life need Jesus to "lift and remove"??As I'm scrubbing the nitty gritty from my pretties this week, I'm going to make a conscious effort to ask the Lord to show me the areas in my life that need a good dusting. And I pray that He reveals His heart to you this week too.

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  1. Mmmm. Girl, I need a new vacuum cleaner too!

    Great post. I need to clean up 'around the inner house' too.

  2. Great metaphor! Thank you so much for sharing!! :)

  3. You are totally speaking my language. There is something about removing the dirt and dust that settles in... I love a freshly vacuumed house and a revived heart. :)