Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thankful Thursday One Seventy Three

Today, I am only going to focus on one thing I'm thankful for. My friendship that has stood the test of time, weathered a storm or two...and has become stronger and deeper over the years. I have very few close friendships, never had a best friend in elementary, middle or even high school, but things changed in college.

I know it happened due to a mutual love of all things band related and concert goings.
This is us posing with Matt Slocum from Sixpence circa 1996 

I remember getting sick shortly after we met, and she came to my dorm room and brought me some fruit and a muffin from the cafeteria.

We were pretty much inseparable after that.
bustin' a jam

road trippin it up in Eureka Springs Arkansas
and even graduating college together (though she finished before me. :) )
And almost ten years after college, each of us married, and now, almost ten years after that we make trips across states to visit and catch up. Rejoicing in the fact that our husbands became fast friends, our kids LOVE each other, we get to see each other really soon again. 

so, for my Thanksgiving Thursday today

173. A friendship that God ordained


  1. It's sucha blessing to have that kind of friendship!

  2. Love it! Posts like this are so much fun to read. :)