Tuesday, February 10, 2009

All Grown up...no not really...and The Cake Truffles

Toddler Story:

So, any time anything breaks or doesn't work just right, I have always told the boy, "Let Momma fix it." Since my son has been speaking for quite some time, this has been one of his phrases he uses...but it comes out more like: "Momma, fissick." Lately, he has known that he is saying it incorrectly, but that hasn't changed how he says it. He'll ask me to "fissick" and I say, "Oh, okay, Momma will fissick." and he gets this little impish grin...and a sparkle in his eye..and sometimes I get a little giggle from him. Yesterday, however, I got sad. I was in his sister's room, feeding her, and he was getting frustrated with this table top makeshift drum set he was creating. He grunts, he groans, he turns around, looks at me, and says, "Momma, fix it." I said, "What did you say?" "Momma, fix it. Fix it." Booooohohoooohoooooo hoo.

On a lighter note, having kids sure helps you see which words or phrases you overuse, especially since they are little parrots of their parents. Little lady's newest phrase is, "Let's see." I think that was actually one of Little Man's first phrases too. Yes, I say that one entirely too much...I've even caught myself talking to myself saying, "Let's see.." Time to bust out the thesaurus.

On to the cake truffles. I found this idea on Little Birdie Secrets http://littlebirdiesecrets.blogspot.com/2009/02/valentine-treats-for-your-sweets.html so it is in no way my own. I totally took the easy way out...I bought cake mix and premade icing.. I did Red Velvet with Cream cheese frosting, and Lemon with lemon frosting.

Baked my Red Velvet and Lemon cakes (the beauty is, they don't have to be pretty!!)

When they were cooling, I totally raked the heck out of them with a fork

Added them to a big ol' mixing bowl and really made sure all the large chunks were gone. Then I added the entire tub of icing.

I came back to it when it had cooled down completely, and formed the mix into balls. Placed those on wax paper and refrigerated.

Came back to these when they had firmed up in the fridge. Melted some chocolate and white chocolate bark.

Used two spoons to handle the dipping and placed them back on wax paper. Hubby sprinkled with happy Valentiney candies, and we let harden.

Today, I sent my Honey to work with a platter of yummy cake truffles!!!


  1. okay... i tink i know what you can send....

    ;) we'll help you eat them treats. hee hee

  2. omg. Jennifer those truffles look AMAZING!!! and I can help you eat some of those truffles too! :-D

  3. I'm drooling over here!!! Yumm-ers!!!

    And I can just see your little boy saying fissik! So sad (and adorable) that he can pronounce it like a big boy now!!!