Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Pocket full of Lovies

I usually have neither the time, nor the energy to create a special Valentine for mine...I usually just do the commercialized thing...
Not this year!! My new and improved crafty self went all out!! Yesterday it was melting dark chocolate pieces to dip fresh strawberries in, and today...while hubby was at work, it was finishing his special V-day card!!
I made a very simple card with some very simple hearts...ya know the ones from elementary school where you fold the paper and cut out the heart? I made a pocket in the heart on the inside. I printed out a list of things I love about my Honey, and cut those into strips. On the end of the strips I glued more of the simple hearts and arranged them in the pocket. I am so excited for him to come home from work and read each little love line...Some are silly, some are sweet...

To all of you, hope your day is special. Lots of love to you!!



  1. Jenny, You are so crafty! I love your valentine idea...maybe I'll steal it for next year!

  2. So clever! I love that!!! And now I can leave comments!!!!

  3. That's such an awesome card. So sweet! You're so crafty!

  4. that is such a wonderful idea... i may have to use that for daddy's day. .... maybe some mini prints of daddy kid moments...

    i love when a friend inspires. :)