Monday, February 9, 2009

Finally a February post!!

Funny toddler moment:
Saturday at the mall.
Hungry two year old.
Free samples...of toasted candy coated almonds...
I get a sample, and bite it in half because I don't want my son to choke on a whole almond..the coating kind of releases from it, so I give him the nut, with the candy coating separated in his hand. Like the picky little eater that he is, he holds it until the candy coating is more a syrupy goo mass in his hand...and dad just sees the mess. We enter into a particularly busy shop...the government run pet adoption center, and Dad gets out the wipees for our boy's hands. (Has no clue the almond piece was still being clutched) He starts cleaning up the mess, and the almond falls to the ground. In the midst of numerous people, in his outside voice, little man starts shouting. yelling. screaming. "MY NUTS!!!! UH OH, MY NUTS!!!!!!!!! MY NUTS FELLLLL DOWN. MY NUTS. UH OHHHHHHH. ON THE FLOOR!!!!" I of course missed the scene as I was in the "cat room" with my baby who was blowing kisses and meowing at the kitties.

I have been a busy bee with my crochet...I have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with cotton yarn...I can't seem to get enough of it, and I am constantly drooling over more. I have like five one pound spools and at least five balls of cotton yarn at this moment, and I am already planning out my next purchase. My mom is totally on the same fixation right now and we are both hatching a scheme to order some online and split the insane shipping for like 10 lbs of yarn. ha. I found out my childhood friend is on baby number two, and it's a girl, so I am so thrilled to purchase some soft organic cotton yarn and whip up a few things for her baby shower.

So far I have been making "spa cloths" or large cotton washcloths, towel holders to loop over your stove bar, and now, Swiffer sweaters! I love them...almost enough to buy a Swiffer...ha. We may still have ours out in the garage, but I'm kind of afraid to go in there. My biggest accomplishment this weekend was to actually finish my college bf's birthday gift. Her birthday was in November. I think she will be pleased as a peach!!

My project this week is to make goodies for my hubby's team at work. I found some fun little how to instructions for cake truffles, and that is what I am going to do. I will post pics of the results when I get around to actually doing it...quite a process, but I think if I just start by baking the cakes today...that would be a good thing.

I have got to get my butt in gear when it comes to birthday party planning as well!! Shheeesh. My baby will be one in almost exactly a month...I have a wonderful lady who wants to make her birthday card too, and I just can't seem to take the right picture for the I'm needing help with the theme too. I guess not the theme for the party, because I don't really make the party a HUGE deal for the 1st...but mostly for the card...okay help with the card design. I am thinking ladybuggish...that's something I love for her. I also thought of tea time theme on the card, but I would really want to do a tea party if I did that...and I don't want to do the princess theme...but I am going to make her a tutu!! :) If you have any ideas, let me know!!

Hey all...I know you read this because my ticker keeps changin....ya'll have just been giving me the silent treatment holla when you get a chance!!

Okay, I must go, and I will leave you with a pic of one of my latest projects...I promise more pics next post.


  1. oh my god... i had to stop laughing (i'm here at work) when i read about the "my nuts" incident. pure classic scene that would never the less happen to dad, right?!

    oh, and i forgot to mention on the post that you put after this one....

    carissa used to say lemolade for lemonade. and i LOVED it.... she would say lellow for yellow and so on. the day she came to me and asked for lemonade i cried inside, knowing that soon enough my baby wouldn't be my "baby" anymore.

    but hey.... she still says, aminal. ha! it's cute.

  2. hahaha that nut thing is so funny!!