Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Your Mind Out Of the Gutter

So my son is throwing an everloving FIT as we speak. He loves the icecream truck...I mean LOVES it. He ran to his sister's window to watch it as it passed and played the "Muffin Man" song. Then, well, then, he wanted icecream.
Mommy says NO. He is fussing sooooo hard right now it's hilarious...and this lead me to remember an eventful walk I took with him about a year and a half ago.
I passed this house in my neighborhood. Very unassuming house. Had the front window open. And I heard someone inside grunting and groaning. I walked faster and thought terrible thoughts about that dirty person in there getting their jollies in front of the opened window.
Back to Sissy's room, with the window opened...I have a grunting and groaning little angry that momma won't get him icecream.
I wonder what the neighbors are thinking.


  1. too funny!!

    i always watch what i say and how i say it when the living room window is open. my voice carries like an opera singer and sometimes i catch myself saying the darndest things. *blushing*

    i love temper tantrums! *sigh*

  2. haha...I have a mental picture in my head now of a old grunting man!