Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy Busy

Hello Folks!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My babe turned one on Tuesday and her big ol' honkin' party will be Saturday. Totally stoked. Gonna order a 6 foot sub for the occasion. Note to self: order sub.

I couldn't think of party favors that anyone would actually like...uh who really enjoys bringing home a bag of plastic toys??? No offense...I actually have enjoyed the bouncy rubber balls my son has received...and the bubbles, loved the bubbles...I digress. What I am trying to say is, I am copying someone on my birthboard and making huge cookie favors. I found a recipe on 'er to the test last night...and made a huge mess. The instructions said to place one inch apart...welllll...let's just say I squeezed about ten huge cookies on the tray and we pretty much had one huge cookie in the end. Today I did better and only put four at a time on the tray...and o. my. golly. They are absolutely beautiful. Like cookie bouquet style. except without the stick. I still must ice on barriers and then flood them with glaze. OOOoooh I forsee hours of uninterupted cookie bliss in my future. Will post pics.

In regards to etsy...I have broken thru the 20 sales mark thanks to 23 wonderful buyers who found my products worthy of buyership...Is that even a word?? Anyhoo...sometimes you feel a little lost on Etsy...just one of a gazillion stay at home moms who crochet. Well, yesterday, I found that somebody featured me in their treasury... (Basically it takes a lot of effort to even get a treasury slot, and when you do, you start placing items from the zillions there are on etsy into your treasury.)And to top that, her treasury made it to the front page of etsy today!!! My humble little cotton washcloths were on the front page of!!!!! I want to scream it makes me so happy!!

In other etsy related news, there is quite some buzz over my market bag...I sold two this week and am working on a very pretty sage and tan one now. I have three more lined up after this one, and some interest in a custom colored one as well. Now if only I could grow one more set of arms and hands....wonder if they sell them on etsy..oh wait I think they might.

If you are the praying kind, my little man and I both have a serious head cold...I'm starting to wonder if he's got the flu..dang play dates...and mom's who don't tell you that their kids are snotty and sick before you get to their house. Not. happy. But if you could say a little prayer for my boybug I would really appreciate it. oh. And also for his sissy that she stays well for her super sweet 1st birthday extraaaaaaaavaaaaaganza.


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  1. BUBBLES!! bubbles bubbles bubbles.... BUBBLES!! i love bubbles.

    let me tell you... to this day i still put bubbles in my girls good bags for their friends. you can never be too old for bubbles. they are timeless. :)

    i can't wait to see how your cookies turn out. i am totally going to be lazy about j's first birthday party, b/c it's a combo of sorts. i'm having one big potluck party for j, my sis, my bro-in-law and his son. it's mainly going to be family and close friends. so, it won't be a big ordeal if i don't make it that way.

    we did the same thing for cari and it was nice. it was about 10 of our closest friends and my family. she had fun. and of course back then we had nothing, so when her birthday came around she got TONS of toys.... but now we have so many toys i don't know what to do. hahahaha... so, instead of telling people "dude, my kids have so many toys, can you just get a gift card?" i posted "no presents, please". we'll see how that goes.

    i really liked your bags. i think it's a great idea. and considering that everyone is "going green" perhaps you should make a whole lot and just have one posted at a time... but have them readily available so you can always have one ready to sell. kwim? it does seem like a whole bunch of SAHM's that have a crafty side. i'm jealous. hee hee. i wish i could do it all the time. but alas i must work. so, i am going to see when the hell i have a free weekend to get stuff done.

    grrrr.... it probably won't be for a while. as march is one of my busiest months.... every year for some reason i just can't get a free moment in march and april. come on may! hahahaha

    ok, so i'll stop writing excruciatingly long responses and get to work. love ya!