Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh Happy Day...

Well, It's been some time I post here I go.

Toddler Moment:

Okay, so some of you might remember my post on my myspace blog relating to the embarrassment and eyebrowraising that went on when little man invented the "F" word. If you didn't read and aren't quite is an excerpt:

Friday, June 06, 2008
the F word
So..on with my story. My 17 month old, is learning to cute, he repeats every thing he hears. But this is not a story about him repeating a word he has heard. This is about him creating his own word (albeit a word already created in the "real" word) and using it to his heart's content...and his mommy, not so sure how to approach this one. (if at all)
I was grocery shopping with my two babes today. Gonna make Mexican food tonight so hubby said to grab some Dos Equis. So that is in the bottom of the basket. Josh starts saying "Foo fa" which in my previous post is his word for the moon in spanish. Then he starts saying, "Uck" because the shopping cart had some blackish smudge on the handle. I acknowledge both and pick up a bag of blue corn chips. (I'm no dummy, I used to watch Sesame Street with the two headed monster that puts two sounds together to make one word...I can see where this COULD go.) Then he goes, "Ho ho ho" which is my cue for singing the Ho ho ho hosanna, Ha ha hallelujah I start singing away...(quite oblivious to the fact that I am in the grocery store until much later, I might add) All the while the little two headed monster is working on Foo fa and Uck in my little boy's head. I'm finishing the song off with "I've got the joy of the Lord..." ready to repeat the ho ho ho part when the tiniest voice in front of me starts guessed it. F*** F*** F*** F***.
I'm standing in front of the ground beef...staring at my little man who is as proud as a peacock to have invented such an intriguing word, and yes, I am getting stares. I know I must look like a wreck on wheels...Two babies under two years old, singing about getting saved, with a six pack of beer in the cart and my boy practically shouting the F bomb. I may have had the "what? this isn't normal?" look on my face, but I was smiling on the inside. Oh how sweet is that innocence...

Well, that was then, and this is now...and we *think* he is using the word "Forgot" in front of almost when I say, "Hey, where is your sippy?" He says "Oh I forget sippy." HOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWeeeeeeeever, it doesn't in the least bit sound like "Forget" it sounds like "EFFit" but not even full on...well you get the idea. So we are going through that again. And it's funny!! I mean...Hubby and I keep straight faces in front of little man, but we turn our heads and give the side glance to each other like, "Did you just hear that??"

Little ladybug is doing just fabulous!! She has an amazing vocab for just being one. I credit it to the fact that she has a Bubba that is constantly talking to her...and her momma won't shut up...and well, she's just brilliant. :) She learned "NO" waaayyyy earlier than sonny boy did...but that is to be expected if she wants to have any peace while playing with her toys. Her newest is "I love you." She says, "I uuuuv oooooo" presh.

Spring keeps having false starts over here. I just want Spring to "Bring it.." and bump out winter. We are going to dust off our a bike trailer, and hit the trails soon. I cannot wait to tow those two happy babes around on my bike!! It has been over two years since I have put the pedal to the metal on my Kona. Soon enough. In the meantime, a bunch of March Mommas and I are doing the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. Killllla!! Wow. that thing is brutal...when you haven't used your muscles in a while that is... *ahem.* I am going on day 7 today. I have been having trouble with my feet hurting while doing jumping jacks and jumprope...I thought it was my shoes so I bought new ones...and they hurt worse. I think I will continue to do the workout barefoot?? I had to quit midway yesterday because my feet hurt so bad. I was encouraged, however, because I took measurements yesterday and in 5 days of shredding, I have lost 2 1/2 inches!! that's pretty exciting!!

Watched the Changeling Friday night. Wow. That was a bit darker than we expected...but very good...just left ya kinda emptyish. It's long too. like 3 1/2 hours. I think we finished around 11:30 pm and the hubby pops in Cars...I was sooo tired, but he said he couldn't go to sleep on "that note"...

I have the cutest baby washcloths for sale in my shop right now...and I made a PRECIOUS preemie hat for Brooklyn Lorenz (check out her blog in my profile). I'm just waiting for her daddy to send me his addy!! I've never attempted one before, but I just had to...and it's adorable...will be even cuter atop her sweet little noggin.

I will post pics soon...sorry this got so long. Have a wonderful week!!


  1. I saw the changeling a couple weeks is long as heck! I did like it though! Thats so cute that izzie is taking so well. Madi is only saying DaDa pretty much.

  2. wow. that was a nice blog... a little of everything rolled into one.

    so is josh a new yorker? cuz' i figget. hee hee

    i love this stage... when they are developing their vocabs and you have to think twice before you correct them.

    my favorite was when carissa used to say lellow, and lemolade. she still aminal. it's cute.

    glad you bug is doing well. i'm looking at prices to sneak away somewhere. so far i can't decide whether cali or new mexico is in order.

    i'll let you know.

  3. Love reading! Cute kids! I need to do the Shred! I have a wedding I'm in in about 30 days and I still have remains from the pregnancy....


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