Thursday, March 5, 2009

So ya..

I've got an idea for my blog. I wanna start a weekly post...What's For Dinner? I think that if I post my dinner ideas for the week, I will hopefully, give you guys some dinner ideas, and I maybe will get some from your comments!! Sometimes it is just really hard to pull it all together and get a healthy balanced meal on the table for a family with two of the harshest critics being 2 and under. I will start this next week...or maybe tomorrow, who knows.

In other news, my baby girl will be one on Tuesday. Time has passed so fast, and I have been in such denial all year. I think it has something to do with her being kinda smallish and dainty...when I nurse her, she still curls into this little newborn ball of love...and she still wears little clothes. Like size 3-6, or 6-9. So in my head I place the size as her age and there you have it...I am certifiable!!

She is just a sweet little thing. Loves babies, loves to eat, loves her momma, loooooves her daddy and her bubba. She tries to mimic almost everything I say to I spend a lot of time repeating myself...just to hear her try to say things like, "Hippopautomus" Just kidding...but she tries to say things like "right there" "that one" "banana" "agua." She is so attuned to me, as I am on the phone throughout the day, she knows when I am going to hang up and she says, "Byee." even before I do or right as I do. funny.

Her party is coming up in a couple Saturdays!! I need to look into prices for a sub sandwich. I have determined to make this easy on me. I want a sandwich premade and chips and veggies. I am making cupcakes, and I haven't found the recipe for frosting that I want yet. I did, however, find the cutest little candy ladybugs at HobbyLobby to top the cupcakes...aww. Of course, I can't wait to take pics of them when they are done.

Etsy seems to be alive and kicking for me. I have had two order this month...and that's good because I hadn't had any orders since December. I am really on my way to 20 sales!! Woo hoo. Kind of exciting for a girl who had no idea this would be something I would be doing in September of last year!!

We've been sick over here...seems like lots of folks have. My son had it first, then my daughter, then of course I start to feel it coming on...and my hubby tells me he does too. Who gets to lay around and mope...for two days...and not take care of the kids...and send the other to the store with the kids while moping in bed...while the other is just as sick...OH, that would not be me. I think that guys just automatically think that because you are up and running that you must be better, or at least feel waaayyyy better than they do. Uh sorry bub. I was running a fever, running errands, and it took me twice as long to fact today I feel completely normal again. He did on Tuesday. Must. be. nice.

Well, I am pressing my luck this morning...the kids are both still asleep and I want to get going with my day.

Lovies to all,


  1. i think that's the first time i've genuinely seen you "complain". hahahaha. yeah, men are babies.

    i've actually been very surprised that serg has been so supportive with the kids being sick and has actually stayed home almost all week with jonas. i got sick on tuesday and he was there taking care of jonas and me. he was real sweet about it.

    any who, no worries about the phone call. i COMPLETELY understand... you know that?!

    glad you are doing well on etsy. i'm frustrated that i've not had a chance to get anything going. boohoo!!

    be good lady! we'll chat later.

  2. Im so glad your etsy is coming along!!!

    Ash and I are both sad that there are no more clippies...stupid law!

    Im really looking forward to your Whats for dinner posts...I always need help in that area!

  3. I can't believe our babies our turning one. Makes me sad. :-( Glad everything on etsy is doing well.