Monday, March 30, 2009


I now have a fanpage for my shop on facebook. Search for it...and become a fan...then tell everyone you know to be my fan too.


  1. added. man, march has totally been a whirlwind of crap.

    i hope april is better... maybe i can get some sewing done.

    i had this thought to make stylish arm bands, to cover up tattoos for work. hahahaha

    made one for me already. :)

  2. See know that would make me breathe easier about my ink idea...hmmm cuz there is no way in heckola that my old Christian school would hire me back with two arm tatts!!

  3. yeah, that was one of my things with the recent tatt i got... i wanted it in a place that wasn't "usual", but that i could hide.

    i'm thinking that i may add some more hearts leading up to the inside of my arm with the kids initials on them.

    i think i may just go about doing them mostly "baby leg"ish... but i need to find all sorts of solid knee high socks colors, including black.

    if i can get those done this weekend. they'll be in the shop by Monday.

    wish me luck! lol