Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boy oh boy...

I am so tired. I think the hubby and I have just fallen into this really bad habit of going to sleep so late and waking up so early...it's finally catching up with me. I slept later than my kids today. I was awakened...like at 8:30 this morning by the screeching of a baby girl...trying to mimic the birdies outside her window. This was followed closely by the more masculine screeching of her two year old brother (lol) trying to mimic the sounds of sissy through his wall.

It actually is one of the cutest things. Listening to the babes "talking" through the wall.

Our girl is such a chatterbox. We ask her what a doggie, kitty, and monkey say, and she makes the sounds. We were at my parents house yesterday and went outside to pet their boxer, Hattie. Before I know it, little Lady is saying, "Haaddie" she loves to learn new words. She was all over the word "Egg" at Easter, only she said it, "Eck".

I am officially addicted to facebook. It is really crazy to me that you can find people you went to elementary (why?) middle and high school...and re kindle friendship! I go on there "just for a few minutes," only to be caught up in status, new friends and inbox messages. So fun.

We are looking forward to the egg hunt for the kids on Saturday. It was cancelled this past Sat because of rain...so here's to crossing fingers that little lady will be walking by then! :)

This last weekend we made such a kickin' recipe for dinner..I think I will incorporating it into either a weekly or twice a month meal for us. Greek tacos. I will post the recipe soon. All I have to say is warm pita bread, tomatoes, cukes, and ground turkey...okay and feta, and greek yogurt. YUM.

I am trying to restock my store. I feel like all I am doing is putting my hands on lots of little projects that haven't quite got finished. So slowly but surely items are being loaded onto Jenster76 . I really want to get more hats made, but that is taking a back burner right now to getting market bags and the like done. Soon I say, soon.

Have a great day!


  1. mmmm, that greek taco sounds yum! i need to start doing it up for recipes. i think i am going to aim to have something different for dinner every night of the week, (except fridays, those are pizza nights).

    my darling lil' munchkin is getting bored of my meals. boohoo

    although it's nice to see that peanut LOVES everything that's presented to him. hee hee

    are you going to post photos of the egg hunt? hope so. i'd love to see them. i have photos from easter, but they're on my mom's camera, so i have to wait for her to upload them. *sigh*

    anywho... i'm really liking facebook also... although there have been some friend requests that i'm like "uhm, no!" peeps i stopped talking to for a reason. and i feel kinda guilty for saying no, but there's a lot of history with some of them that it surprises me they even ask.

    can't wait to see what you've been up to projects wise. i am so procrastinating getting stuff done around the house, so i can get to my sewing. i need someone to come over and talk to me while i clean and organize.... the company would be nice. they wouldn't have to clean or help me... just be there to talk. hee hee

    have a great tuesday!

  2. That is too cute how they talk through the wall. Madi and Alyssa do this. Cracks me up.

    Britt and I are also in the habit of staying up late. I'm always so tired!

    And please post the recipe for the greek taco! The sounds so yummy!