Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MeeMee, Ya, that's Meeeee

Yes, Mee Mee. And that would be ME, ME *waving and jumping*.
My Itty baby girl calls me MeeMee instead of Mommy, and I kind of love it. I especially love it because she has been calling me Mommy and Momma for quite some time and my son didn't say that til he was like 18 months old. But MeeMee. That just melts me heart. (said with a pirate voice)


That's the other one. She answers everything with YA now. OH MY GOODNESS. so cute.
"Sissy, do you want to eat?" "Ya."
"Did you make poopoo?" "Ya."
"Do you love your Bubba?" "Ya."

I can't stand's so cute.
No walking yet...but she sure does know how to get around, that one.

Lastly, we totally believe in teaching the babes the correct names for their "private parts" in fact, we don't use the words private parts either. So sonny boy was leaving off the VA part of the female anatomy off when he would say it, but I would just say, No, it's VA-gina...
anyhoooos. He started putting VA infront of, VaPenis. Va-yotion (va lotion). Vamac&cheese..ya.
We went on a walk the other night. I was pulling the kids in their wagon. we start to pass a house where someone is weeding their garden. guess who decides it's time to say the word correctly? That's right. That would be little man...
i was mortified, and rightly so. i really hate the word...and quickly changed the subject to dogs. followed closely by a chorus of little bitty voices "woofing" in the wagon.

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  1. i can't wait to meet your lil' boy. he seems like a champ!

    and i love your lil' lady bug, she seems so smart and loving. i can tell she loves you very much.

    jonas says... mamamamamamamamama, when he sees me. and da da, very sharp, when he sees daddy. and daaaaaaah dah! when he sees cari. and kayla. lol.

    he says, "up" for uh-oh, and MO! for more. papa for food and drink. bear for the doggie. and everything else he just babbles along saying this or that. he knows words though. when i ask where something is, he looks for it and now walks toward it.

    carissa at this age was talking so much i knew i was in for trouble. jonas just prefers to throw a fit, rather than use his "words". oh well.



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