Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Suck it up Big Boy

Uh...ya, that's what I was thinking when the hubby came home on Wednesday complaining of a tummy ache. I was tired from dealing with my 1 and 2 year old all day...ready for my break after the grueling 11 hour shift I had put in...(son got up extra early that morn.)

Hubby went straight to bed to lie down...and my break didn't come until around 8:30 when I put the babes to bed. I finally started getting some shut eye when he wakes me up to tell me that he is in the worst pain of his life. I'm like...c'mon now...take a laxative and go to sleep!! :) (I'm mean.)

He called the nurse advice line and they told him with his symptoms to go straight to the ER. I said, "How much is our co-pay?" He laid back down and fell back asleep.

In the morning, he was still hurting, I checked the symptoms of appendicitis online, which he pretty much matched to a "T" and got ready to take him to Urgent Care. I dropped him off and took the kids to the mall for a walk, got the call to come pick him up to take him to the ER...called my dad to babysit, and as we are pulling up to my parent's house, baby girl decides to projectile vomit all over the seat in front of her, and in her lap. Seriously???

So we only dropped the boy off with Papa and Gramma, and went home to get the stinky seat out of the car and clean up little lady.

Finally we get to the ER and pretty much waited for an hour to be seen...HOWEVER...once they brought him in, they didn't even do the CT scan...they asked him to lift his right leg..he couldn't, they pressed his belly, he yelped...a nurse came and got me from the waiting room...and we were off to OR.

IT WAS APPENDICITIS!!! I felt like such a jerk!!
Here were his symptoms:
Wed morn- general belly ache.
Wed aft/eve- more intense belly ache/cramps
Thurs wee hours of the morn- feverish, cramps, nausea, vomiting, very sleepy
Thurs morning- pain had moved from being general to moving to between his belly button and his right hip.

The doc called me, because I had to leave with the babe, and he told me they got his appendix out and that it was indeed appendicitis. The nurses told my hubby that the size of a normal appendix is usually like the size of your pinkie. His was the size of a lobster tail. They think it was only a matter of minutes before it had burst!!!

A big thank you to my parents for watching the kids again on Friday...I was able to go to the hospital and wait with him, we got info that if he was discharged with the code: Short term stay , rather than admitted, and he left the hospital within the 24 hour period of having his surgery, we would only be charged 15% of the bill up to $300 max. Otherwise it would be a $1000 copay. Wooooooooooo hooooooo!! I don't think if I had been there we would have ever known!!!

It is Tuesday now, and he is back at work. He's just sore and bruised, but nothing like he felt last Wednesday. Man, I am so thankful we got him where he needed to be...just in time!!! Appendicitis can be fatal!!!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.

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  1. oh my goodness!! i can't believe that. and yeah, you ARE mean! hahahahaha

    i would have said the same thing. i think that my hubs can be such a baby sometimes. but then i remind myself that he rarely gets sick and when he does he get SICK! so, i cut him some slack every once and while. hee hee

    glad he's doing well and that you all didn't get a huge co-pay, oh! and that it didn't burst.