Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Intentions...or Haircut number 3

I get online with every intention of filling everyone in on life and such...and then I feel guilty because I don't have a picture to go with the blog! How lame.
So I am just gonna write my blog with the INTENTION of putting in images VERY SOON!!

So Saturday we went to the mall with the INTENTION to get Little Man's haircut for the third time in his life. We were set to take him to the "haircut store" aka Mop Tops. It is a cute little children's salon that has Merry Go Round type horses for the tots to sit on (and hold on for dear life to) to keep their little hands occupied...Well, we hype it up...we tell him, "We're going to the haircut store and Bubba's getting his hair cut." He's ready, he says, "Sure." (That's his new answer for everything...followed closely with NO most of the time.) We pull up to mop tops with the kids in the double stroller...and *heart beating quickly* the metal bars are down over the entrance...Um Um Uhhhhhhhh HEM.

See here is the before shot...Ya, he needed a haircut BAD!!

Now you must understand, that little man has beautiful, golden curly locks...I can't just trim it up...need I remind anyone of the "Billy Ray" I did to him? Well, his first haircut was ADORABLE...but he was traumatized by the squirt bottle and Daddy holding his hands down...In fact...when I add pics to this post, I will insert some of his first cut. As promised:

His second cut, was a Buzz. Yes, you heard me correctly, we went from a cute scissor cut to daddy pulled out the shears and buzzed that junk OFF. We thought he was traumatized the first time...wweeeellllllll after that, he wouldn't even look at himself in the mirror for months. oops.

Back to heart racing...They aren't even closed...they are GONE!!! What?!?! So, we take him to JCPenney's salon...(How many of you had NO earthly idea that JCP even had a salon?) And I ask the lady at the counter if they cut children's hair. She said they did, then walks about ten feet away to these two stylists sitting there shooting the breeze. I hear her ask, "Who wants to cut a two year old's hair?" The 40 somethingish man with the feathered boooofahnt (no idea on spelling) says in his shriekish old ladyish voice, "I wanna cut, I wanna highlight...." and was going off about how they did not want to cut a two year old's hair. HELLO!! I CAN FREAKIN' HEAR YOU...So we walked away. Got in the car. Made a plan.

Great Clips. They should be named, Life Saver, Wonderful, Fabulous Clips. Or at least Lee should be. She was all of the above. Little man sat down very distraught....Daddy busted out the juice box for Bubba. She had Daddy put on his apron and squirt his head down. By now, tears and frowns are turned into joy and laughter. And her hands moved at lightening speed. KaChow! He's adorable. And we kept the integrity of his hair without a mullet.
And now...the moment you all have been waiting for:


  1. but i wanna cut, i want highlights!

    bastard snobs... you know, i was thinking the other day that companies should really cracking down on their employees for customer service, b/c i know that I am sooooooo much more at ease and willing to return to a place that has better customer service than piss ant places like that. and THEY cost too much. snobs snobs snobs!

    any who, i'm glad that it went well. can't wait to see photos!

    great post by the way!

  2. awe!

    i love his cut!

    im so glad it ended up with a better result

  3. he looks like a blonde lou diamond phillips (in la bamba).

    hee hee

    your little man is so handsome!


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