Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I tryin to say somethin'

It's those pesky letter L's...and for some reason two year old little tongues just have a hard time wrapping around those particular shapes.

Daddy: What's in your pocket
Boy (looking in pocket to see what he had put there earlier that afternoon): A Dawyer
Daddy: A what?
Boy: Dawyer!
Daddy: a dollar
Mommy(slightly irritated that daddy is getting a kick out of boy's frustration): Daddy, come on,
that's what he's trying to say. Those letter L's are hard...
Daddy: What is in your pocket?
Boy(big grin): Daddy, I tryin to say somethin!
Baby girl: Ummmmmmm blllllaaaaaayyyyyy llllllllla
Translation- umbrella
She was pointing out the window right at it and said it. So cute!
(Boy is still afraid it wants to eat him.)

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  1. I love how kids say things. My oldest was in daycare when she was two and told DH all about a boy named "Wee-um". He was convinced she was saying William. We finally met Liam several weeks later.